Progress Letter to Mission Circle ]

4-4-19 I write a weekly email to the Mission Circle. I hope this helps you get to know us better and to track our progress.
Hey friends,
Here’s my weekly updates and appreciation.
I’m looking forward to including Kim in our circle–I will be adjusting the circle format once again to make sure that we have enough time for 5 people. This is wonderful, because we keep expanding our circle as well as learn how to have a larger group using our format.
I’m excited that James Prieto is excited to work with us and we continue to explore possibilities of his giving a class in Nonviolent Communication on our learning platform!
A very loving Christian, vegan woman who likes the idea of a community where people of different spiritual paths are living–is connecting with me. I’m not sure where it will go, but I just know that we are a community which is attracting others of like mind.
I have been working for money a lot–and getting in good shape riding my bicycle since my car is taking a sabbatical. I haven’t had as much time to pay attention to community stuff–but I feel great just knowing we are all together working on this.
The Score mentor finally called me. He seems excited about working with me! he already recommended Legal Zoom to set up the LLC, and I was hoping for a confirmation that that is the right place.
I’m going to facilitate a Community: Connect! tonight–and I will share about vegan utopia ecovillage–and maybe I will do a little friendship. circle as a breakout session. great idea!
I have my ups and downs–as you all know–but when I go down–I just do my thing–crying, healing the past, offering forgiveness, feeling Jesus love. Did you know that the feeling of being loved by God actually is good for the brain? So even if it is all a fantasy–my brain is benefitting!
I sense that we have turned a corner. I am continuing to release the negative influences in my life and embrace the positive. I feel super hopeful! Spring is a great time to feel this way any way! Being outside is helpful.
Robert is going to look at the deck at the Mir House. It needs to be sealed so water doesn’t leak into the house. I am so glad to have a dry spell, and he has energy. this is the only weak point of the house that I am concerned about–so this is a good thing. Still, it is nothing major that will damage the community building.
We have a generator which someone borrowed and returned to Robert’s place–and I wanted to get it back on the property. It is safe and sound in the “makers space” which we call a part of the Mir House which we hope will be a creative place to play and work.
Cliff agreed to paint the floors of the mir house. this will be helpful, because then we can put some furniture in there–which we have quite a bit of–and put stuff from the shipping container, which I am planning on selling.
I think we can easily insulate using cardboard instead of hard to install sheetrock! Robert said he thought it would work. We have the insulation already–now I need to collect big pieces of cardboard. This will really help us move forward. (I did consult with someone else who said we can get cheap building supplies somewhere else–he is concerned about moisture damage)
I am glad to say that my two trips to the Ecovillage site yielded a lot of clean up and the seeds I planted in early spring are growing.
I am going to encourage Cliff to go and water if necessary. I can’t wait to get up there again and make even more progress. I have figured out a plan to deal with the piles of construction left overs–so we can have almost zero waste.
We have a wonderful “resource yard” where I just know that creative people are going be excited about getting organized and using stuff. We will be a zero waste community–I just know it!
Sky made the beautiful flyer for the Fostering Healthy Friendship event–we will be able to send out emails now. If you want to start promoting the Facebook event–go ahead and do so. here is the link:
Rob said he is going to help me work on the Gofundme this week.
I’ve been connecting with each of you, and so happy to do so! I am overjoyed that you are all getting to know each other better.
Okay–that’s all for now dear friends–I hope this news is hopeful and encouraging. I know each of you are busy with your various projects–and yet I feel so grateful that you can prioritize time in your busy schedules to read this and work on this project.  Thank you!!!!
love to all,
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