Letter of Appreciation To Mission Circle 4-5-20

Hi Friends,
First off, Kim (who will be helping teach the upcoming Fostering Healthy Friendship class) has accepted our invitation to join us on our next friendship circle. I am so glad that she did, for our circle is widening. And added advantage is that we all get to try out a friendship circle with five people, and see how that works.
I deeply appreciate everyone’s openness to try out the friendship circle once, and then to do so again. This is very helpful and important to Kim, Sky and I as we develop our class and hand out.
I feel hopeful that this format is going to be helpful for Direct Action Everywhere. When I was there, I agonized over a structure that could be suggested for the community circles they were forming. But how could I offer something that hadn’t been tested?
Kim, Sky and I have used the sociocratic pattern of continuously reflecting on our format. Every time we do our circle, we reflect and then apply our changes to make the format even better.
Please friends, if you have any suggestions that come to mind after doing our friendship circle, please let me know. One of you suggested that we do things that can help us go even deeper. I am keeping that in mind, and encourage you to do the same.
I continually feel grateful that you all want to go deeper and deeper in cultivating friendship as our foundation for long-distance community building. This fills my heart with such joy–and my impatience to have people on the land is alleviated because my need for connection, working on a team, belonging, and moving forward on the VUE project–are being met.
Of course there is a part of me that wants to wave a magic wand and have the community up and running right now! But I am trusting that our Creator is helping me become the change I want to see happen–and a servant leader who is increasingly letting go of my ego. And healing my wounded inner child.
I can see that if I had created community when I wanted to–when I was 21–43 years ago–I would have mission out on so many lessons and experiences that have brought me to this point.
Thanks to each of you for your wonderful contribution to Vegan Utopia Ecovillage. I appreciate you SO much!!!
In peace, love and joy,
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