We Are Going To Do A Fundraiser!

We are working on creating a GoFundMe site. We still need to refine some details, but here is what it is going to look like:

Help Vegan Utopia Ecovillage Shoot Up Like Bamboo!

We see ourselves like the roots of bamboo which dive deep into the ground for 7 years without the bamboo shoot revealing itself, and then shoot up 60 feet. We are ready to invite people who are a right fit to live, play, learn and thrive in our community that is about to manifest.

We need this money for legal expenses so we can buy out one of the co-owners, physical infrastructure development, and promotional costs for our upcoming Vegan Friendship Camps where people will come to learn and build and get a taste of what healthy vegan community living can be like.

How would you feel if you knew, a few months from now, that your donation made a huge difference in helping us get off the ground and be one of the handful of successful vegan communities in the word? What if your donation, however large or small, contributed greatly to your vision of a world where all of life, including animals, could thrive?  And what if you could come and take classes, or even live here–because of your contribution?

We have been building a foundation all this time so that our community vision can stand on a solid foundation of structures that will be sustainable through the next 7 generations at least.

For 43 years, VUE co-founders Cliff and Patricia Mikkelson have been dreaming of building community. Now, a growing number of us are joining Cliff and Patricia in making their dream a reality. We are all part of the bamboo that is putting down the roots. But we need your help to let the bamboo plant manifest visibly as a beautiful learning center and demonstration community that we hope will provide inspiration, motivation, empowerment, and education for vegans, animal rights activists and all people who want to world where all beings can thrive.

After receiving major funding in 2017, one of the most important aspects of any intentional community was built–the common house. Almost complete, we just need to put some finishing touches on it so it can be the perfect co-working space, dining hall, studio, library, kitchen and the center for the learning center that is planned.

Roots have been watered generously by our generous donor: a website, social media platform, resources that are needed for building infrastructure.

Your donation makes a difference! Here are some perks you can receive:

$5:  Free admission to a special friendship building course limited to 15 people where you have personalized attention and opportunity to connect with others who share your vegan values

$25: ½ hour of coaching (see below). A book about Oneness, written by Cliff Mikkelson

$50: 1 hour coaching session with Patricia: Friendship or problem solving coaching

$100 For people willing to keep agreements on the land a year of free camping (primitive) (code of conduct is still being developed)

$200 For the above–a camp site that is reserved for you year round

$500 Free attendance for a week at one of the Vegan Heart Camps(food and lodging provided)


Developing a LLC: $300

Legal fees for the deed of sale: $200

Rainwater Catchment system: $200

Kitchen needs: $200

Promotion for Vegan Heart Camp: $100

Solar system for charging cell phones and laptop: $300

Misc operating expenses for month of April: $200


Total: $1500


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