VUE Starts A Learning Center

Recently the Mission Circle agreed that starting a learning center now would be a great way to get started. We already have a class that some of us are starting called Fostering Healthy Friendships! You can check out the event page here: 

Vision: We envision world where everyone feels inspired and empowered to practice healthy community building tools which enables all  to cooperate and build a world that is happy, safe and free for all animals, human and nonhuman. Our learning center will help that be a reality. 

Mission: We are building a residential and non-residential learning center where people who have community-building skills and who share our values can be empowered to teach them in ways that spread virally,  and they have all their needs supplied. We serve as an example of a successful intentional residential community

Purpose: To move Vegan Utopia Ecovillage (VUE) forward in such a way that we build a sense of community with people who are like-hearted as we move towards building the residential community

We create a non-residential community for now which includes the people who are in the mission circle.

We create a way for members to start connecting through conference calls, zoom, facebook, email, and other means.  We are looking into as a way of having a platform where people can find kindred spirits. Here is a review that is impressive. Can you believe that I chose Ning as my platform about ten years ago when they just got started? I couldn’t get people to join my team to create Livable Future project, so it didn’t go anywhere. 

Membership requirements: for now, members will be people that we know personally and who have demonstrated a sincere interest in the community. 

Patricia will develop a proposal to identify membership qualifications.

We will reach out to people who have the skills we want to teach and see if they want to be a part of a teaching collaborative.

Non vegans can teach courses if they have skills that help build healthy communities, and if they are respectful of vegans. 

Goal:  Be an experiment and example so that we can be living those things we are teaching.

Goal:  Apply these skills to our own community and simultaneously make these skills accessible to all so that they can apply to their organization, family, community, neighborhood.

Goal: Create in person and online courses which are for-profit and which can pay for expenses of the community members and expanding the community.

Some projects to learn from:

Family Heart Camps: Here is an example of a network of camps that is run by sociocracy, and applies the principles of Open Space Technology, Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles.  Family heart Camp

The Shift Network

Thinkific (we have an account)

Skills we have already to teach: 

Plant based diet/making a transition to veganism/ (Patricia)

Fundamentals of Oneness (cliff)

  • Background/history/evidence
  • Ways to practice: Nature intelligence (water studies/meditation/mindfulness
  • Spiritual theory behind sociocracy , nonviolent communication,

Nonviolent Communication (Sky and Patricia)

Organic Gardening: Cliff

HugelKultur gardening: Patricia

Community: Connect! Events: Patricia

Sociocracy 3.0 for beginners: Patricia

Fostering Healthy Friendship: Patricia, Kim and Sky

Peer Support Skills/healing past trauma: Carolyn Amrit Knaus

Singing and choir directing: Patricia

Designing Celebrations for Community: Patricia

Nurturing the Vagus Nerve: Patricia and Sky

Laughter Yoga: Patricia

Conflict prevention and resolution: Patricia/Amrit

How to create healthy community life in animal rights activist organizations: Patricia

Living in harmony with the earth:focus on animals, trees, rocks  and plants: Cliff and Patricia

How to start a Time Bank: Patricia

Journaling for emotional release and connection with Higher Power (whatever you define that to be): Patricia

Simplifying your life: decluttering, downsizing, organizing: Patricia

Cooperative Games and Creative Play: Patricia

Natural Parenting: Patricia

Unschooling: Patricia

How to create a right livelihood: Patricia

Other topics: We will reach out to people who have skills  in the above topics and these topics listed below in order to have people who already have healthy community building skills join the community. This list is just beginning

Vegan Permaculture

Restorative Circles

Alternative building:

  • Tree houses
  • Tiny houses
  • Huts


Tai Chi/Qigong

Kung Fu or other martial arts that are offense



We can give certificates for classes

We can have week long vegan friendship camps where we can teach many of the classes listed above.

We can create certification in Healthy Community Building.

Eventually we will invite families with children, but for now with the primitive conditions we have, we may need to limit to adults only. But we can think about this.

We will be reaching out first to animal rights activists, then vegans, then activists in any movement, then people who want to foster healthy friendships and communities.

We can invite teachers to be guess presenters and this will be a way of enriching our community greatly. also, they may decide they want to live there.

Having a lot of teachers together who are focusing on learning healthy community skills will give us a great foundation where we can eventually be a healing center where we are strong enough to invite people who have severe emotional and physical challenges. In the wonderfully healing environment we cultivate, we will see beautiful and profound and miraculous healing.

We already have developed good relationships with non-profits in Fayetteville: Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology, Feed Communities, and Ann Brown Memorial School. We can offer classes at their facilities as well as have them come up for classes–to teach and take.

We will develop school assemblies where we can plant seeds and inspire students about an alternative way of life. (Patricia used to do assemblies for a living)

We will develop presentations for churches and businesses as well so that they can cultivate healthy communities and be inspired to adopt vegan practices.

We will develop relationships with and influence leaders in animal rights organizations such as DxE to offer our trainings to their members at conferences, webinars, and other venues. Invite them to be a part of our non-hierarchical coalition of animal rights activist organizations.

What suggestions do you have? What do you think of this idea?












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