Current Strategy: Spring 2019

So here is the plan that our Mission Circle has agreed upon. I feel so grateful for their counsel, input, ideas, encouragement, love and concrete efforts to help develop and promote this.

By having all these things in place

If you want to here the story of how we got to be here, check out this post.

Learning Center: We are starting the Vegan Utopia Learning Center! You can learn about the big picture here

First Class: Our kick off event is to host a conference call class called “Fostering Healthy Friendships”.   Our goal is to regularly host long distance and eventually on site classes relating to Building Healthy Communities.

Fundraiser #1: We are going to do a Go Fund Me campaign to earn $1500 for legal fees and basics which help us to get off the ground. See more details here.  

Vegan Friendship Camps: We are planning four week-long camps which will be chock full of fun, community building and learning activities at the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage and Learning Center site. The purpose is to help people get to know what we are doing and decide if they want to commit to exploring permanent community and/or to learn community building skills to take home to their groups.  Learn more here 

Fundraiser #2: This fundraiser will be for $50,000. Our big items are paying off the land $16,500, finishing the common house, and having start up capital to get our two businesses up and running: Sustainable Enterprises and Vegan Utopia Learning Center. 

Finishing all the infrastructure: We have a list of 19 things that are needed to be done in order to be ready to have people become members of the Ecovillage. We are very close to having them all completed, but the great thing about our plan is that we can publicize our learning center and take in students without having to have every single thing in place. We can even get things winterized and live there in the winter if necessary,

Well, there you have it in a nutshell! Your feedback and encouragement are always welcome!



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