Celebrating Our First Official VUE Mission Circle Meeting

Sky Masters, Rob O’Neil, Cliff Mikkelson and I met last night for two hours to have a combination of deepening our connection and getting projects planned. The time sped by and we all experienced hope and deepened commitment to the project as we flowed together so beautifully. I will be publishing the minutes for the meeting soon, but for now I would like to share with you a letter I sent to the members of the Mission Circle. We are the guiding group for the community.
We call it mission circle because we are adopting Sociocracy 3.0 as our governing system, and this is a term that refers to the group that helps an organization make sure that we are staying true to the mission. Similar to a board of directors, this circle is doing a lot of move VUE forward.
Here is the letter I felt inspired to send.
Good morning. How grateful I am feeling for your presence in my life, and in our mission circle. Each of your contributions are invaluable! I am in awe of how the Universe has supplied our vision with you, the people who are perfectly suited to complement each other, and to help me heal, and feel safe.
I can safely say “our vision”, for at last I feel confident that we are all taking ownership for this project. Tears come to my eyes as I think about our meeting last night, and all that has lead up to this. A total of 50 years of friendship with you all is part of why we can do this:
Cliff: 44 years
Sky: 5 years (almost)
Rob: 1 year (almost)
And we had our meeting on the Spring Equinox. And a full moon. And a super moon. We did not plan it so, but it is significant that we did have our first official Mission Circle meeting on a date that was so significant. It will be easy to celebrate our anniversary!
I feel inspired to start planting a seed of another purpose for our community: we will have a thriving healing practice where people (especially vegans, but not limited to them) who need healing — body, mind and soul–can come and immerse themselves in both the powerfully positive, loving community and receive services that can address their specific needs.
I believe that living in vegan communities is the healthiest way to live, and will be our key to survival as a species. We want to make this accessible to everyone. I am so glad that we as a group can nurture our connection to each other, and demonstrate the essence of what VUE is about.
I look forward to hearing about each of you taking the time to get to know each other. I know we all are busy–yet when something is important, we will take the time. I can guarantee that you will all be enriched by developing friendships with each other. I have the blessing of connection with all of you–practically on a daily basis, and I want you all to be blessed! And as the fabric of our friendships are woven even more tightly with trust and mutual support building, that will enrich the quality of our meetings.
I am committed to focusing the next few days on doing all the things I said I would do. I have been working for money for the past week or so, and I am eager to move forward on the beautiful projects that we have on our plate.
Thank you, each of you, for being part of this beautiful endeavor. I will end with a harmony story:
“We are celebrating our year anniversary ​on the spring equinox in 2020. We are so glad that through a series of unplanned (by us) circumstances we had our first official Mission Circle meeting on March 20, the spring equinox, because we can now add to the meaning of this beautiful time of year–the celebration of the official beginning of VUE becoming a community of 4 people. 
Now that we have 50 people living on the land, with many more ​participating from a distance, we are thriving! Our Learning Center, and healing center have been wildly successful endeavors, each complementing the other. People from all over the world come to visit and immerse themselves in the positive, loving environment consisting of the animals in the small Farm Animal Sanctuary (located on Barbara’s land that she purchased which is adjacent to the VUE land), the natural setting, and the people.
They experience not only teaching and healing practices, but the pure love of people who celebrate oneness with each other and with all who come.
​After the first class that was offered, we were able to host many talented teachers who became part of our long distance and on the land staff.
We easily raised the $500 for legal fees and then $50,000 for finishing the infrastructure. Everything flowed, even though there were so many details to attend to. We were guided by the Universe and felt supported and loved in the process. and of course, our mutual support was invaluable.
Our first year celebration is the first of many, I’m sure–and soon very soon we will be hosting a class in how to create a Vegan community from scratch. We have the best model available, proved by our 1 year growth, and we are training mentors to go to help people to start communities because having someone on hand in person is so valuable. We are able to do all this on a donation basis since we have found a vegan billionaire to fund us. We even are able to buy land for people so responsible people who align with our values can start communities! They are like franchises–so that if you go to one community, you can feel confident that it will have the attributes of the original  Vegan Utopia Ecovillage–even if it doesn’t have that name.
What is really exciting is that we are able to support animal rights activists who have previously struggled because of mental illness, lack of support, and feeling isolated. We have helped activists create healthy community circles which have then lead to their desire to live together, and so we are buying houses so we can set up activist houses which also serve as neighborhood resources centers. We are teaching people how to grow gardens, prepare healthy vegan food, and set up Time Banks so that the gift economy can thrive.
Wow! What a feeling of accomplishment we have. It was all because 4 people committed to one vision–Vegan Utopia Ecovillage. And they were willing to use their gifts, talents, resources to make this vision happen!
Thank you, good and loving Universe.”
I love writing harmony stories–they help me get in touch with deeper dreams. I hope to hear your responses,  my friends.
love, peace, joy!
If you have any comments about this, I would love to hear them!
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