Welcome: Our Newest “Mission Circle” Member: Rob McNeil

Now that we are using Sociocracy 3.0 as our governing system, we call our board of directors our Mission Circle. Thank you, Rob McNeil, for your wonderful support. I met Rob almost a year ago when Rob lead the LIVE tour and stopped in our neck of the woods. LIVE stands for Love-based Intentional Vegan Experience. I am so glad that Rob initiated this wonderful tour!

Sky, Cliff and I, who have been on the mission circle for the past 2 years, are very grateful to have Rob on board.

Here is his bio:

I went vegan 2+ years ago after visiting a farm sanctuary and making the connection that ‘we are who we eat’, and spending a summer with an already vegan daughter. A Financial Controller by trade, I plan to apply 3 decades of business experience to help forge the VUE into a strong, stable institution.

A New Zealander by birth, I have  lived in Canada for 30 years now. I am an organizer or supporter of several animal rights organizations, including Save, Anonymous For the Voiceless and DxE.

I am intimately involved with a group working on reframing the AR movement to a clearer abolitionist stance, as well as helping lead the fight against a new massive slaughterhouse in his hometown in Canada.

I lead a tour of midwestern USA mega slaughterhouse towns in 2018 and I  look forward to touring more in the future.

My other interests include astronomy, anti-capitalism, NVC, guitar and travel.

I am committed to social justice initiatives in general, and activism for animals in particular. These agendas are best advanced by being in community with like-minded people. I think it’s very important for ventures like VUE to succeed. In particular, VUE has the potential to blend Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Healthy Community practices in a new way and rewrite the book on vegan intentional communities. I am excited to help in any way possible.


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