Weekly Updates–March 16, 2019

I write a weekly email to the Mission Circle members, Sky, Rob, and Cliff. This is an edited version and I hope this gives you a sense of what we are doing so that you might more easily see how you fit in if you are interested.
Let me know what you think in the comments section.
I feel so encouraged! here is why:
Today was the final 1- hour session that Rob committed to do with me. We met a total of 6  times over the past two weeks because Rob wanted to help me gain momentum. And he really did! Our final work was to get the list of all the things that are needed to finish getting VUE finished–in one place. On Trello. We both felt a deep sense of satisfaction. I’m glad that Rob is really getting the big picture of what needs to be done. Of course he is willing to help more, but not an hour every day at this point at least! Thank you Rob!
Diana Leafe Christiansen had sent me a bunch of pdfs which I made into google docs. And I did research on the Federation of Egalitarian communities website, which has a ton of documents on their site. With Rob’s help, now those resources are all on one place, in Trello. My plan is to take one full day and just dive into the list and see if I can knock it out! I feel more motivated knowing it is all organized.
Cliff and I continue to talk almost every night–with the exception of when we meet during the day–like we did last Thursday. We had a productive meeting at the library. It is amazing how much there is to discuss! The more we all talk about community, the more real it feels! Thank you, Cliff, for being my friend all these years, and for being a part of this project which we actually have dreamed of for 43 years!
On a side note. I remember how Cliff and I wrote Dennis Weaver, who was a famous actor at the time. He also was a Self Realization Fellowship member.  We asked him if he would buy some land so we could start an intentional community. We got a polite note from his secretary–no go. We tried! That was 42 years ago! I was 22, Cliff was 32.
Sky and I had a good talk last night and he is really committed to making the upcoming community skills class a success. I also found out that he is good at making banners for Facebook events and pages–which is a very strong need we have. He has a lot of marketing and promotional skills which I he will have lots of opportunities to use.
Kim Broniman and I got together to talk about the upcoming online course for developing healthy community skills. We have some very concrete ideas as to how to proceed. I really appreciate how we work together, and how willing she is to put in the time to do this. Sky, Kim and I will meet fairly soon to get all details finalized. We are so encouraged by how our friendship circle with Sky has evolved and helped each of us grow-and we want to share that with others.
I will be presenting about how to facilitate a healthy community circle. I still need to finalize my ideas–but it is something that is very important to me. It will be a tool we will use in VUE-possibly a daily practice. I have heard now that two very successful ecovillages do daily processing to make sure all accounts are clear.
I’m glad that Robert, my former husband and partial owner of the VUE land is so helpful. When I stayed up at the VUE land, I forgot my keys, and got my car stuck–he came right over to help. I’m glad we are moving forward on the official sale of his land to VUE.
While I was at VUE land, I planted the garden, hauled off a car load of trash that was really looking ugly, and made good headway on cleaning up the land around the garden. I also got a lot of cardboard put on the garden to stifle the invasive weeds and feed the worms. I am envisioning a super productive garden this year. The reason we have trash is–well, it is a long story to be told later!
I have been working for money as much as I can so I can pay the mortgage on April 1. I’ve done my best to keep my life free of bills for the past  year since our funding ran out.  At first, having this mortgage burden seemed overwhelming. But I believe that we as a team are going to come up with some creative ideas as to how to get the land paid for ASAP including doing a Kickstarter.
Cliff, Rob and I talked about doing a small Kickstarter to help pay for lawyers fees for the deed transfer and the LLC and Cliff is willing to host the Kickstarter. he already has an account with GoFundMe. I hope that this project can flow–I have so much on my plate. I feel a bit nervous–what if no one wants to donate? But what if people do!
My home situation where I trade for my room and most of my food, continues to go well. Debi pays me for doing work over 8 hours (which is my weekly trade for the room)–and there is a lot to do. So I can work at home.
I have been thinking about the idea of some people paying to stay on the land. I can’t wait to write down my ideas–but I appreciate the encouragement that Cliff and Rob gave me. I am not sure if I told Sky. But I want to write a quick harmony story about that right now:
“I am so happy that we have 5 people who want to pay to participate in community building camp that we are hosting at VUE. We decided to have a special 1 week at a time course–with different themes–but also if people have something they really want to do, we consider their needs. I am so happy I came up with all the details, learning from the camps that I found out about through sociocracy for all. We did a great promotional campaign and the best people possible applied to come. Now I don’t have to go to town to work, and people are actually helping to do things like the big Kickstarter to raise the $50k to finish the Ecovillage infrastructure and buy the land.
This is so joyful for me–people can come and see if they like the land, Cliff and I, and the project. We can get to know them, also. They are yearning to learn about how to build community–and we are all learning together! Some have decided to apply for provisional membership, and want to build tree houses! I feel so satisfied and happy. The end”
Thanks for listening to all of this!
I’ve been listening to a bunch of videos on sociocracy and I continue to feel very inspired about this method–especially sociocracy 3.0. I
Here is a resource to look over about feedback for sociocracy: http://www.sociocracyforall.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/on-feedback_ELC.pdf
Here is a video I found interesting about consent decision making and sociocracy in community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkXOXeD50wQ&t=447s
I feel grateful to each one of you who are in the mission circle, and those who are supporting us. Thank you for being the community we want to see happen!
And thank you folks who chose to read this. I hope you feel inspired! Leave your comments below!

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