Outline For “Practices for Building Community ” Course

This is the beginning of working on our our first course. I am so excited! Cliff and Scott are going to be working on this with me, and I’m sure the other members of our mission circle, plus our Resource Person, Amrit, will be weighing in on this. 

Practices for building healthy Community

Learn skills that are invaluable for creating and sustaining nurturing friendships which lead to healthy communities. This 3 hour workshop will help anyone cultivate healthy friendships, and bring those friends together into a healthy community–both residential, in person, and long distance.

Most of these practices and structures will include a short introduction, an exercise to practice, and resources on line which can help you deepen the skills. Making the habit of using these practices can lead to having a greater degree of emotional intelligence.

  • Prevent conflicts: Tell the truth quickly by identifying, celebrating, and sharing incompletions
  • Set healthy boundaries:  Use Nonviolent Communication to share your needs with compassion
  • Avoiding burn out and achieve thriving health:  Self care and nurturing the Vagus Nerve
  • Toxic relationships: How to identify, avoid, and escape
  • Connecting Exercises: Practice “Dyads” to encourage vulnerability and intimacy
  • Friendship Pledge: Set intentions to strengthen relationships
  • A structure for friendship deepening: Learn a structure that is like the banks of a river so that the love between friends can flow abundantly
  • Listening Empathically: A cornerstone of great relationships
  • Oneness: Share the spirituality of connection with all life– without religion
  • Celebration and appreciation: Authentic appreciation to build trust
  • Anger Transformation: Use the “learning letter” to magically change anger into unconditional love
  • Playing/dancing/singing: Bring light into your relationships to nurture the inner child
  • Building Trust: Make deposits into your friends’ emotional bank accounts by keeping the Four Agreements
  • Healing Past Trauma: Create a safe space so people can release those layers of negativity
  • Supporting Equality: Consent Decision making so decisions can be made that are good enough for now, safe enough to try. Intro to Sociocracy 3.0
  • Values identification: Make sure you have solid shared ethical foundation to avoid irreconcilable difference
  • Putting it all together: Come together in healing, nurturing, restorative circles
  • Long distance communities: Use conference calls, zoom, FB messaging to connect
  • Buddy System: Create a network of friends who you can call on for emotional first aid

What do you think of this list of practices? Do you have any others to add? What resources would you like to share to help people develop practices for healthy community.


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