Some Of the Topics Our Learning Center Will Teach

Cliff and I as the general circle members (and co-founders) offered the idea of starting an online and onsite learning center as the main focus of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage. Our Mission Circle was very excited and everyone wants to get involved.

We figured out that this will take a great burden off of the Project Animal Freedom which I am co-founding with Kyle Luzynski of St. Louis. We are sister organizations, supporting each other in so many beautiful ways.

Here are some topics that we will develop very soon to be online courses.

  • Sociocracy: Teach sociocracy/dynamic governance as a governing system for animal rights groups or others who want to adopt a truly non-hierarchical system
  • Communicate through connection: Teach Nonviolent Communication: as the main form of preventing and resolving conflict
  • Vegan Intentional Community Development: Empower people to start Vegan Intentional Communities whether rural, or urban Utilize the VIC handbook that I am working with Humane Party of the USA.
  • Growing Unity in Definition of Ethics: Identify and continuously refine values and code of conduct that everyone can embrace as universally satisfying, and be able to adapt.
  • Gift Economy:  Train people how to set up Timebanks and other alternatives to using money so we can start operating in the gift economy and out of the money system
  • Community: Connect!Teach people how to facilitate activities like Community: Connect! In order to bring together abolitionists, welfarist, and other social justice activists so we can gain more understanding and build bridges
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Friendship development: Sky and Patricia are working on this: a coaching platform called Friendship Revolution which will train people how to have healthy, lasting friendships upon which community is based. 

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