Pledge to Animals By Albert Mah

I commit to this pledge. Please comment if you do also.


To all dear animal brothers and sisters
Wherever you are on our precious Planet Earth

To the extent possible within my capabilities, I pledge,
To advocate for your rights and welfare
To protect your safety, health and well-being
To be your voice in all matters affecting you
Not to consume or use any part of your body or products from your body
Not to participate in activities using you for entertainment, experimentation or any other form of exploitation
This is a lifelong commitment I pledge to you

May you be well, happy and peaceful
Free from harm, cruelty, torture or confinement
May you always have access to fresh air, clean water, clean soil, appropriate food and protection from the elements
May you have the patience, courage and determination to meet and overcome all problems and difficulties in your life

May my love for you touch and comfort your heart wherever you are
May the day come when you attain the status and rights of sentient beings instead of commodities
Till then I shall carry on this mission with all my strength, fortitude and determination.

Albert Mah

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