I’m Collaborating With Feed Communities in Fayetteville!

I feel so exhilarated and uplifted after having a 90 minute meeting with Alex French and Nina Evans, who are the coordinators of the amazing organization, Feed Communities. 

We started our cooperative effort when I reached out to them to see if they would be willing to host a Community: Connect! event in their spacious, centrally located, with good parking–space. They said “yes!”

I realized after looking at their website and speaking with them that they are in alignment with my goals and vision for creating an alliance of businesses, non-profits, churches, schools and other organizations to achieve well-being for our region.

I am very excited to be partnering with them for the upcoming Community: Connect! which is a networking event which helps people cooperate to create a NW Arkansas where everyone thrives. We don’t have the event page up yet, but you can check out this link to learn about the general format.

During our meeting I was overjoyed to learn that time-tested resources that I have been using might be able to support Feeds Communities. I want to list them here in case other organizations might want to access them.

All of these resources empower volunteers, paid workers, and potential volunteers to get involved more easily without the load of work being on the paid or volunteer staff. I believe that each of these resources will help us to create a world where everyone can thrive.

Open Space Technology: An effective way of organizing gatherings for networking and joyfully creating strategic plans

Sociocracy:  A governing structure where everyone’s voice can be heard. An increasing number of intentional communities, co-ops, businesses, and non-profits are adopting

Nationbuilder Websites: A website platform which not only is easy for anyone to edit and add to, but also has extensive possibilities for creating a database so volunteers and interested people can connect and support each other.

Community: Connect!: This blog describes every aspect of the Community: Connect! event so that anyone can produce this event.

Nonviolent Communication: When people, especially those in leadership, can practice the skills of communicating with empathy and connection, the whole organization will be more likely to flourish.

Co-Working Space: Ideally, a community organization which is promoting collaboration can provide a space for people who do not have offices and who share the organizations values– to work.  Impact Hub is a great example of such a place.  I visited their center in San Francisco and I found the environment to be inspiring and motivating.

What are key resources you have that you think are important to help organizations be the best they can be?


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