Community: Connect! Description

I am constantly revising the description and schedule of Community: Connect! so that it can be ever more effective. I deeply appreciate that I could host five events at Omni Center for Peace,  Justice and Ecology recently. I learned so much, also, from the 5 events I facilitated in the Bay Area over the past 2 years as well as the ones I facilitated in Walker Park over a decade ago.

Community: Connect! is a unique, vibrant networking event which helps people cooperate to create a NW Arkansas where everyone thrives.


A vegan potluck which fulfills our need for healthy food.

Join us for interactive activities and breakout sessions which help build trust and a sense of healthy community.

Bring a plant-based dish to share. Ingredients for a salad bar, or simply fruit–are very welcome! (No dairy, eggs, meat, or animal products. Keep in mind our gluten-free and diabetic friends)

Everyone who wants to can host a break-out session and whoever is interested can join you.

Bring: flyers, business cards, notices, and books for people to look at. We’ll have a table.


6-6:15 PM: Arrive and start eating. Set out networking material and food, post notices (including needs and offerings) and make a creative name tag.

6:15-6:45 Introductions and creating a schedule for break out sessions

6:45–7:05 Facilitate or join a break out session (Allow 15 or 30 minutes for each break out session)

7:10-7:30 Reflection and sharing needs/announcements

8:45-9 Closing circle–Reflection and celebration

9-9:30 Hang out and enjoy deepening the connections

Sometimes just knowing what other people are interested in and getting to know them better can make all the difference in how you work together.

In small groups, introverts and people who are not comfortable in large groups can have a better environment where they can shine.

We use the principles of Open Space Technology to make an event where everyone’s voices can be heard and people’s needs can be met.

Thanks to Feed Communities for hosting, promoting, and providing the space for this event.

Feed Communities was founded in 2011 with the sole mission of ensuring everyone has access to high quality, nutrient-dense food. Today, they work with individuals, organizations, schools, universities, businesses, government agencies and foundations to create sustainable partnerships to increase access to healthy produce and improve healthy food choices for Northwest Arkansas communities.

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