Appreciating Kim Broniman

One of the essential things about any healthy community I belong to is that people are extravagant in their appreciation for each other.  And even though I don’t have a physical community, I do have a growing number of friends who help me satisfy the needs I will eventually fulfill when I live in a physical community. But I will always be friends with these people and will see them as my support group without which I could have never had the strength to keep going.

I want to write about some of those people, starting with Kim Broniman. This will help you get to know me better as well as the kind of people I would like to live with. This is also going to serve as a recommendation for her because she is working on being a professional life coach. I am so excited for her and anyone who is blessed to receive her coaching!

Kim and I met on line after Doreen Virtue’s Facebook group, Support for New Agers transitioning to Christianity broke up. We went through some difficult conflicts which tested both of us and helped each of us see issues we needed to work on. I am grateful that Kim could be honest with me, receive my honesty, and then stick with the process of conflict resolution so we can be the close, trusting, loving, supportive friends that we are today.

We eventually co-created the group Free Thinking Friends of Jesus. Although at the time, Kim did not realize she was going to be taking courses to be a life coach, I found her to have natural coaching abilities. Excellent listening skills, an accepting attitude, and an intuitive ability to ask good questions were some of the abilities she demonstrated.

Perhaps the most important attribute that she has, when mixed with natural coaching skills, is the genuine love and compassion she demonstrated for me and others in our widening circle of friends.

After about three months of exchanging informal coaching sessions with each other, I emerged with the confidence, direction, focus, and hope that I desperately needed in order to go to my next level. We used spiritual techniques as well as more traditional coaching techniques such as mutual accountability to develop good habits as a foundation of wellness.

Kim has an inspiring story of recovery from addiction that provides here with experiences that will help people who are dealing with addiction. Her dramatic story of hitting rock bottom and not giving up sounds like a story one would read in Guideposts that serves to help us have confidence that with God, all is possible.

I believe that anyone who is ready to grow and blossom into his or her fullest potential will benefit greatly from Kim’s loving and skilled coaching.

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