A Recommendation For Patricia As Animal Rights Activist

My name is Jake Wood and I’m an organizer for the Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter in Fayetteville, AR. I met Patricia at our first Cube of Truth at the town square in January of 2018. Right away, I noticed how much Patricia cared about the integrity and success of the group.

I’m sure it was clear that I had no experience in leadership and was just ‘winging it’ on my first day as an organizer. Someone else with Patricia’s years of experience in activism and leadership could have easily asserted themselves as the leader that day, but instead she operated as just another member thrilled that animal rights activism had finally reached NW Arkansas. She patiently let us make our own mistakes, but always offered her assistance wherever it might be needed.

Once we discovered what an incredible asset she was, we began to learn from her. We already knew that she was an amazing encourager, but also found out what an incredible coordinator, mediator, and teacher she was! She led an activism retreat this summer and imparted to us all so much wonderful wisdom, knowledge and instruction of conflict resolution, and reignited our passion for animal rights activism!

Patricia is someone I would consider to be very emotionally intelligent and healthy. She also has a desire to impart the gift of emotional intelligence to those around her. Emotional intelligence is something that I now understand to be a vital component of a healthy group of activists.

Because of all of Patricia’s experience and radical kindness, she may come across as intimidating to some. She knows that I had my guard up a little when we first met! I now understand Patricia more deeply and I see the desires of her heart. She has a gift to encourage people, strengthen relationships, and foster the healthy growth of communities.

In my opinion, and on behalf of everyone in our AV chapter, anyone that has the opportunity for Patricia to be apart of their group should consider themselves very fortunate.


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