How We Can Easily Increase Our Health As A Community By Nurturing the Vagus Nerve

I have been wanting to publish a more organized article about the vagus nerve, but I just haven’t had time. So perhaps the roughly shared info in this article will be helpful. We want to incorporate this knowledge into our development of the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage so we can all help each other be optimally healthy.  


Wow! Look at this list of things which can be helped by Vagus Nerve health

Dealing with Chronic pain:


Here is a simple tip for breathing from this excellent article:


There are plenty of breathing techniques for different purposes but there are four simple principles, which underpin most pranayama techniques:

  1. Inhalation,
  2. Full retention or holding of the breath after inhalation,
  3. Exhaling; and
  4. Empty retention or holding the breath after exhaling.


A simple breathing practice that anyone can do:


Great tips on yoga practices–including the alternate breathing technique.


This article gives acupressure points on the feet to massage, and some facts about prayer!


A book about the vagus nerve Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve:


Vagus nerve yoga:


Videos about vagus nerve


See my channel on holistic health


And Vagus nerve channel:


Vagus nerve video:

Shalom for the body excercise is really helpful to keep our relational circuits open:


Mindfulness meditation


List of things to stimulate vagus


Omega 3’s



Cold showers or bath

Breathe deeply




Baby weight gain:


Great list of things to do for vagus nerve including coffee enemas!


What helps stimulate the vagus nerve to function more optimally? Deep breathing exercises, meditation, aerobic exercise (brisk walking, bicycling, running jogging), martial arts training, tap dancing, auditory integration training, interactive metronome therapy, drumming, oxygen therapies (hyperbaric oxygen), spinning, cranial sacral massage, and chiropractic adjustments. Relaxed, positive social interactions with friendly people who like the person and whom the person trusts also help.


This article refers to autism


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