How I Got To be a Full-Time​ Animal Rights Activist

I posted this on a Facegroup group and I thought I would share this with you all:
I’m so happy that Cheyenne Danner started this group: Full-Time Animal Rights Activists
I am glad to join with other passionate, creative, courageous Animal Rights activists, and I hope to encourage you and be encouraged.
I have been a full-time activist since October 2016 when a generous friend decided to financially support my vision of what is now the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage.
I worked for a full year on the project to create a solid foundation, including having a faith shift where I had to redo major parts of the website, social media, blog–because formerly I was a Christian and I called the project “Jesus Vegans”. I woke up on Feb. 1, 2018, realizing that Love is my religion, and the Vegan way is what I want to follow–Ahimsa–nonviolence–harmlessness–unconditional love for all life. My vision is that Vegan Utopia Ecovillage will help create a world where all of life thrives.
I am currently looking for a co-founder.
Even though I focused on building the infrastructure–online, and physically–for the ecovillage, I have always used my online presence to promote veganism and started the page Joyful Vegans and the group Vegan Utopia Ecovillage Online Community.
I have also traveled to London, Philadelphia, Missouri, and St. Paul MN, to go to conferences where I either was part of vegan groups or was able to share veganism with people.
I wanted to get animal rights activism off the ground in the Ozarks, especially the wonderful Fayetteville, AR which has been called by some “the Little San Francisco of the South”. But I couldn’t find anyone to partner with me, and I didn’t have the energy to start on my own, especially since F’ville is 1 hour away.
But then Jake Wood started an Anonymous for the Voiceless group, and that focus helped us to network with other groups like Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals at the University of Arkansas.
Jake and friends are starting a Springdale Save group, and I will be supportive of that as well. I just made a calendar for April and May, and the number of outreach and social events is growing by leaps and bounds–I love the people who are the part of the AR network in the Ozarks.
I want to get the Ecovillage off the ground so we can have full-time activists living together and totally focusing, like a think tank, on how we can help this beautiful vegan movement.
I am currently on a liquid raw diet and thinking this might be permanent because I save time and have more energy for activism. I plan on being a breatharian–then I will really save time!!
If anyone is interested in joining me in getting the Ecovillage off the ground, I do have a beautiful house which serves as a common house, and we can live very inexpensively together and focus on our dreams. I want everyone who comes here to be able to use their gifts and resources in the way they feel inspired–and we can support each other so we can get funding for our animal rights activism.

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