A Day of Vegan Fun in Fayetteville


Wow! 3 vegan-friendly events in Fayetteville, AR, yesterday. First I joined Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals at U of A campus where they shared cruelty-free samples of makeup and met the wonderful members of this club. I also did some informal outreach on my own. People were really receptive and out of about 8 people, one seriously is going to consider going vegan!

Then we had a vegan picnic in the park, and Jake Woods and his kids joined us along with Denise and Iso all the way from Springfield, MO. So much fun to slide down slides, play with bean bags, sing, dance, and play “ring around the rosie!” I want to start organizing these park days on the day of the Omni Vegetarian potluck so if folks come from out of town they have more fellowship opportunities.

Then it was so great for Denise and Iso to join me at the Omni Vegetarian Potluck along with the other great folks who attended. Wonderful conversations and food transpired.

Then we were invited by Peggy and Bob to go to their lovely home where we just felt so connected, loved and inspired.

Our beautiful, compassionate, loving vegan community is growing in Fayetteville. I feel grateful to everyone I met yesterday, and those who are joining us for activism and community building.

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