I Will Be Saying, “I Knew Christopher August and Sara Oakley When”

Okay. I know they are already semi-famous. But I predict they will be superstars in the animal rights/vegan movement in the very near future.

I am so happy that Sara Oakley and Christopher August are creating this Vegan Warrior Academy! I hope that vegans everywhere will sign up for this and be empowered to unleash their potential and become change agents that impact the world in ways that use their unique talents and strengths. I hope they will find others to work with them in this process as well.

I have been so blessed to connect with this beautiful couple, and their teachings and encouragement have lead me to be where I think I might finally be in a position to realize my dream of finding a co-founder for the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage plus find a buyer for the Farm Animal Sanctuary Site.

It was because of networking on their Soul in Wonder group where I received encouragement and ideas from the group, their podcasts and them personally, that I have reached this goal. They mentioned “vegan utopia” in their writing which inspired me to adopt that name for the ecovillage.

I have a dear friend who is now being impacted positively because of a member of their group who helped her with her nutritional needs. She is going vegan and her partner is receptive as well.

I had resistance to the Law of Attraction and the idea that we create our own reality. But because they recommended the writings of Dr. Joe Dispenza who scientifically proves how we create our own personal reality, I now embrace that I do create my own personal reality. Reading his book, Becoming Supernatural, listening to his Youtube videos, and his meditations on youtube. has totally changed my life.

I also purchased his powerful meditations and they are well worth it.

Sara and Christopher helped me to realize that it was okay for me to aspire to be a breatharian. I came across the teachings of Ray Maor, who also really likes Dr. Joe Dispenzia. Ray is a breatharian and teaches really practical ways to raise our vibration so we can attract those things we want, as well as realize our greatest potential to be of service to this suffering world–without suffering myself!

When I did my exploratory coaching call with Sara Oakley just a few short months ago, I was still hurting from a very traumatic experience where I had a hard time forgiving the people who hurt me and my family who would not stand up to the people who hurt me.

Because of all I am learning through their influence, I have since forgiven everyone, reconciled with my family, and feel so free of resentment and need for revenge.

I have been inspired to drink only raw liquids for the past 9 days, and might just stay on a liquidarian diet until I become a breatharian. When I mentioned in the Soul in Wonder group that I was thinking about becoming breatharian, Christopher August encouraged me and pointed me towards a useful book which I still need to read.

I am probably not going to take the course offered in the academy because I am so busy living my dreams and fulfilling my destiny and feeling so energetic and happy–I don’t have time! Yet from my experience with this awesome couple, I imagine that if people take this course, their lives will be transformed.

I think that because I have been working on things that Sara and Christopher teach since I was 21 (42 years ago!) that what happened was that they filled in some missing ingredients that I needed in order to really take off. Perhaps it was like having a really good diet, but because a few essential nutrients were missing, that diet does not help a person thrive.

I will be forever grateful to them and I will support them in any way I can to get the word out to the millions of vegans who need wise mentors to help them grow on every level. Vegans need vegan teachers who really understand where they are at, and Sara and Christopher are such wonderful teachers.

I am seeing in the future that they will be offering training to coaches who become vegan–to help them be effective coaches to vegans, because Christopher and Sara won’t be able to handle the massive demand for coaching that new vegans will need.

All vegans will benefit from their teachings, because most of them really have a hard time living in a non-vegan world, and they will want to go to the next level of developing their manifestation abilities and clearing their blocks.

This will help animal rights activists who yearn to go full time in their efforts as well as help prevent burn out.

I believe that the services that Sara and Christopher offer are much-needed and important, essential ingredients so that our vision of a vegan utopia where all of life thrives–can come to fruition–soon–within our lifetimes! I am going to say 5 years!!!

I am glad to be with Sara and Christopher on this journey! And grateful for their awesome dedication, sacrifice and commitment to their students and anyone who interacts on their facebook pages. I encourage you to join their Vegan Warrior Community facebook page–I think you will be so encouraged by all the free stuff they offer.

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