Adventures in Abundance Part 1

I decided that today I was going to blog about the beautiful things that are manifesting for me during something called the 30 Day Abundance Adventure by keeping a journal during the day. You can learn more about this adventure at

I made some good headway on moving forward with selling the Farm Animal Sanctuary/and/or Vegan Retreat Center Site.

I’ve been resisting doing brainstorming about how to promote the sale of the Farm Animal Sanctuary Site/Vegan Retreat Center but this morning I gave myself permission. I started by researching the best brainstorming techniques, and I found out that “Brainwriting” is even a better technique.

The article got me going! Now I have some great ideas, including hosting a huge retreat/open house where people can come and experience fun activities and get to know the place so they can tell others about it.  I will probably ask the group I am in some specific questions now that I have some ideas–like:

“Does anyone know a movie star or celebrity who might want to start a Farm Animal Sanctuary?”

My partner in this effort, Sky Masters, followed through with what he said he would do which was to write an intro letter to various farm animal sanctuaries to see if they have advice. I edited the letter and we are ready to test the waters soon!

I did some more research on how to start a Farm Animal Sanctuary and realized that I want to make the blog have some very useful information on it so people will want to go to it and they might spread the word. I just love making blogs useful! I don’t like selling things!

I don’t like selling things, but this land and home are so beautiful in a myriad of ways, that I think someone is just going to be really happy when they find it and buy it.

And the fact that it is going to raise funds to complete my life-long dream of building a community, of course, is an incentive as well!


I thought I was going to have to spend a lot of time writing my friends in the Bay Area to go to a protest encouraging San Francisco lawmakers to ban fur. But I got news in this morning’s email that they made the decision already! So I will save some time, and my prayers for the ban to go through are answered! Learn more here. 

I have been reading that great people have been known to take short naps in the afternoon, and for the second day in a row I put on an 11-minute “activation” to help me visualize prosperity. I fell asleep both times. I usually do fall asleep when I am laying down and listening to a guided meditation.

This meditation was about looking a self-limiting belief. I was shocked to discover that I have a belief that I am a failure because I have not accomplished my life-long dream of living in a community.  And, even though I have been financially supported over the past 1 1/2 year, I still haven’t been able to manifest the dream. Wow!

I worked with that belief and will be working with it in the future because I can see that it is a deep one. I had a very nice nap.  I awoke with the revelation that while I am looking for just one person to co-found the community with me, I am preparing for his or her arrival because more than at any time in my life, I am doing personal growth work.

I realize that as long as I was a Christian, I was really holding myself back from success and not willing to utilize so many of the wonderful personal growth processes that really can help people. I still consider Jesus my friend and guide, and I love most of his teachings. Some, I just do not understand and I don’t have to in order to learn from him.

I am learning to tune into the universal truths that are clear and are written on my heart–like the importance of loving all of life, including my enemies, the animals, and the earth.

I am being grateful for what I do have, including now 3 people who I can really trust to be my good friends and who deeply appreciate me in their lives.


I feel grateful because I ran across this article about how to deal with how other people think about you, without searching for it. I really like this Uplift website with such practical advice. I think this is going to help me with self-limiting beliefs.


I took a walk where I limped very little. I sprained my ankle about 6 weeks ago, and today is the first time I felt comfortable putting on tennis shoes. The support felt good and I was really happy walking around the potential farm animal sanctuary site.

I noticed some fencing around the perimeter of the property and could easily imagine showing this to someone (plus putting it on the blog) as one of the many perks of the places.

Learning all that I am learning about the vagus nerve, I used my walk as a time of focused vagus nerve nurturing. I sang at the top of my lungs, did some vocalizes that fit in with advice I have received, talked to Jesus, laughed while I visualized goals I wanted to achieve, and practiced forgiveness. I also did a lot of deep breathing. Now my walks can be supercharged breaks that not only give me exercise but also help my vagus nerve.


Normally I do what I call “soul pauses” on live Facebook every two or three hours. I have been doing these for about 6 months total, with a month break where I could actually see how much I needed these soul breaks where I prayed, sang, laughed and did all kinds of things that helped cheer me and other people up and connect with the divine.

I chose not to do my soul pauses on Facebook today. I am sensing that finally, I can do them on my own. Doing them on video somehow helped me to discipline myself. Now, every half hour that I am on the computer, I take a break to stretch and do things that connect me to the divine and which tone my vagus nerve. My goal is to connect with the divine all the time, anyway, so every 1/2 hour break is better than every two!

I will see where this goes, but I definitely am feeling peaceful and in the flow today without being on FB live.

I am going to do a live FB session with my friend, Kim, because she likes to have encouragement when she gets off work.

Part of the reason I did these Soul Pauses was that I imagined living in a community where we would take these breaks together. I had read about a monastery where the people did this and how much it helped them all to bond and connect with God. The verdict is still out as to what will happen when people live with me.


As I continue to research the vagus nerve, I find that the people and websites where this topic is covered seem to be on the cutting edge of the positive things that are happening in the world. I really liked finding the website and it has a whole channel of inspiring films that are free. I watched a video on how to receive revelations from nature. It was short and very inspiring.

I could spend all day researching! And practicing.


Oops. I ate too much. I made cooked food and I normally all raw. I’ll survive. I am grateful for my usual self-control.


I watched some EFT videos and I am really ready to start using that technique. I have just heard way too many positive things about it.


I found this Dr. Chatterjee who is extolled by some doctors I respect. He is so passionate and is like an evangelical. He is very charismatic and that is a good thing. He spoke at this Ted Talk. 


I feel so grateful that I have high-speed internet even though I live way out in the country, and I have a good laptop and I Phone gifted to me by someone who believes in me.  I love to do this research and then share with others. I get more hopeful, as well.


I had a wonderful evening with my son and got to clear up some things that had been creating walls between us. That was really meaninful and freeing for me because we are very close and we don’t do well with feeling disconnected.


Lots of other beautiful things happened but if I wrote about them all I won’t get to bed and get adequate sleep which I know is really important for health and thus abundance! Thanks for reading this, and I would love it if you wanted to share any gratitude and celebrations you have experienced.



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