A Powerful Prayer for the Animals: We Hear Your Cries by Brenda Shoss

I pray this pray periodically and it always makes me cry. (Trish)

We Hear Your Cries

by Brenda Shoss www.KinshipCircle.org

We hear your cries
Inside lightless stockades where metal bars define your earth
Where your frantic eyes gaze over an amputated beak
Unable to dust bath or flutter one wing
An automated hum, the only sound in your artificial prison
We hear your cries
In the narrow crates that envelop you from endless pregnancy to nameless death
From your first and last walk down death’s corridor
toward a blood splattered man who guides your quivering body
into the crushing blast of his stun gun
From the impersonal thrust of his knife through still-warm flesh
to the final moment when you are dismantled limb by limb
We hear your cries
As you rock in the corner of your concrete world
Waiting for them to blind, burn and inject poison into your exhausted body
We ache to shield you from the scalpels and skull probes you have yet to endure We hear your cries
When they blast 5,000 volts of electrified pain into your flesh
Every time they batter you with metal pipes, bullhooks, flank straps and spurs
to obliterate your memories of a mother’s love and infinite green
We hear your cries
As you search for one familiar face in the desolate days before
a gas chamber claims your anonymous life
When you seek the comfort of one set of arms
Your last tail wagged
Your last purr heard in a gray room with no windows


Brenda Shoss is founder and president of Kinship Circle: www.KinshipCircle.org

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