Getting Out of My Own Way Challenge: Day 5

 It is day 5 of the Challenge that I am participating in with Soul of Wonder holistic coaches Sara Oakley and Christopher August.

We learned about how we can get addicted to toxic emotions because they give us a kind of drug-like experience that our bodies get accustomed to. So we need to break the cycles of suffering.

Of course, we need to feel our feelings because they are signals that we either are not getting what we want or we are getting what we want. And the seemingly negative emotions alert us to what we need to do in order to return to a state of joy and peace.

Here is a list of some toxic emotions:

Hurt: (victimization, sadness), shame (humiliation) hopelessness, fear, anger, (resentment bitterness hate) vengefulness, jealousy (envy) pride (self-righteousness) greed (insatiable hunger) guilt

Which if the emotion/s mentioned in the video do you feel robs you of your self-confidence or self-esteem?

Resentment and victimization

Which emotion/s do you feel always keeps you in the pursuit of happiness, never truly finding sustainable fulfillment?

Resentment and victimization

When did you begin this emotional pattern, and what do you think you can learn from it?

The first time I can remember feeling resentful was when the president of the student body demanded that I put the coke cups on the table a certain way, and since I was on the refreshment committee, I thought that this was a decision I could make.

I spent a lot of time feeling hurt as the victim, and angry because I got kicked off the refreshment committee. However, I did make a decision not to be victimized again and thus ran for class officer. I won the election 4 years in a row!

In what way do these emotional patterns keep you from reaching your dream/goal?

I get tied up in my resentment, which draws my energy away from what I am focusing on. I try too hard to resolve conflicts where people do not want to resolve, and then I get hurt. This takes time–once again, keeping me from focusing.

This can also creep into my relationships with people who I don’t resent, but who I think should stand up for me because I have been treated unfairly.  When they don’t stand up for me, I resent them as well.

After you feel you’ve explored these patterns and learned from them, what is one thing you can do today to begin breaking one of your emotional addictions?

I want to really focus on forgiveness and have zero tolerance for thinking resentful thoughts about people. I am going to bring this practice into my morning meditation and my “holistic jumpstarts” throughout the day.


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