Day 6: Getting Out Of My Way Challenge: Day 6

Wow! We are almost done with the Challenge which holistic coaches Sara Oakley and Christopher August have facilitated on the Soul In Wonder Vegan Warrior Facebook Group.

This is a really hard exercise to do because all this week I perceive that for the most part, I have been doing things that really support me in my goals. I have been working on changing my habits.

I am merely going to put a solution for most of the things I want to change, because I think it will be fairly easy to change these things.

Here are the questions for today.

Make a list of common behaviors you act out through the week and ask yourself the following questions about each behavior:

  1. When I am eating cooked food (and I haven’t during this challenge) I overeat and then get sleepy and even a little down. (Keep going on this raw food diet–I feel SO good.)
  2. Lay down and meditate in the morning and thus I sometimes fall asleep. (when my alarm goes off, I will have water ready to drink right by my bed, and then get my pillows adjusted so I can meditate sitting up on my bed.)
  3. Work so much that I don’t get outside in the sunshine (I’m going to work on the deck more)
  4. I don’t do yoga as much as I would like.
  5. I don’t exercise as much as I would like (I am coming out of a place of being injured, so the above two things are related to that)

I’m going to just work on the last two. I think the other ones are going to be pretty easy to deal with.

I am not being super thorough with this one–I’m sorry! I need to get on with my day!

However, I will be looking at any behavior that holds me back–and examine it with this worksheet, in the future.


Here are the worksheet questions.

Does this help me with my goal, or does it hold me back?

Not exercising or doing yoga as much as I would like. Holds me back, because it is important to take care of my body as well as have some recreation.

If it does not help me reach my goal, what is it helping me with?

Well, I love being on the computer working on my goals so much–not taking the time to do those things is giving me more time to move forward.

What is the fear that might be causing each behavior?

If I take the time to do this, I will not get my goals accomplished.

What limiting beliefs do these fears come from?

I will never have enough time to achieve my goal.

I am already doing so many personal transformation things (meditating, holistic restarts throughout the day, reflecting at the end of the day) how will I ever get anything done?

What approaches would help me reach my goal?

I really think that I am going to keep focusing on the idea “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

This relates to the idea that when we work on changing our inner selves, our outer life will change. Even though my actions don’t seem to be directly producing the results I want, I am changing my vibration so that I can be more in tune with guidance as well as become like  a magnet to draw to me what I need to achieve my goals.

The idea that as I transform my inner life, I will attract the perfect compatible co-founder of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage and a compatible buyer for the Retreat Center and potential animal sanctuary with minimal work.

And, the work I do will flow, be fun, and I will be able to co-create with God and Jesus the work I need to do–in a very short amount of time.

How can I modify my current behaviors to match the more productive approaches? Choose one modified behavior to start implementing today!

I need to set a time for my yoga practice and exercise time just like I do for my holistic restarts.

I can exercise on the trampoline while listening to educational podcasts or fun music.

I can find a yoga practice that really appeals to me so I look forward to it.

Oops, that is more than one. Is that okay?

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