Day 4 Of The Getting Out of Your Own Way Challenge

Wow! I am blown away by the depth and power of the 7-day challenge I am participating in. I feel so grateful to Christopher August and Sara Oakley who host the Soul in Wonder: Vegan Warriors Facebook group. Please join this group and you can do this challenge on your own!
I am so appreciative of this loving couple’s amazing facilitation of this process including providing the downloadable worksheets that I am working on.
This worksheet was set up in quadrants, but I adapted it for this blog post.
I will be answering these questions about various aspects of my life. This was SO helpful
Does this area of my life already support me in reaching my goal? 

How can I better use that support?

Suggestion: Make action steps to strengthen my support system.


PRIMARY FOCUS: My goal is to find the ideal, compatible person who passionately wants to co-create the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage with me. 


I actually feel pretty relaxed most of the time because of my retreat-like environment. But I need more fun and recreation

How can I better use that support

  • When I go to Fayetteville, I can contact a vegan friend and see if he or she wants to go for a walk.
  • I can put on dance music and dance.
  • I can have a fun community gathering for vegans at my home and do dancing, cooperative games, and other fun stuff.
  • Diet/Health

    My diet and health is going better than ever because I am doing all raw while I am on this challenge.

    How can I better use that support

    Get an exercise program so I can build strength. Get some recommendations for ones that are fun, easy and don’t take a lot of time.

    Practice things that help with decreasing need for food by studying breatharianism.

    Fast at least once a week.

    Learn more about herbs.

    Make teas out of the wonderful herbs I grow

    Focus on getting the gardens started–

    Plan garden, buy some more seeds, get on a schedule

    Make a stronger intention to eat as much as I can out of garden and wild edibles

    Take cold showers which are supposed to be so immune system strengthening.

    Walk barefoot even more than I have–don’t be afraid of the cold ground!

    Do dry brushing

    Find things to do when I am talking on the phone that is healthy for my body

    All these things will continue to help me have more energy and be more positive, and be able to create an amazing environment for the future person who will be the co-founder

    Physical Environment

    I have an ideal physical environment for which I am grateful.

    How can I better use that support

    Declutter the house especially my bedroom.

    Get things a bit more organized. Make a list.

    Clean the fans.

    Get Robert to clean out his room so it will be available when my partner comes


    I have community on the various groups that I facilitate on Facebook

    I have a growing number of vegan/animal rights friends in Fayetteville area

    I feel connected to the Direct Action Everywhere folks in Berkeley

    How can I better use that support

    • Think about how I can connect with DxE when I go to the Animal Liberation Conference–ie., come early and help with the conference. Stay late, participate in activities.
    • Plan a community connect way ahead of time in Berkeley
    • Have that gathering for vegans here at my home.
    • Ask Dxe and NWA vegan network  to look for a person who can be my co-founder of the ecovillage


    I have great communication with a growing number of friends. They are supportive of my goals.

    How can I better use that support

    • Somehow bring these people together on a conference call so that we can all share a sense of community and brainstorm about each of our goals. Do a team works kind of thing.
    • Create a secret facebook group or texting group just for really close friends.
    • make a list of all the people I know who I can contact about my goal and then contact them.


    Right now I am able to work full time on what I love to do. My main job is selling the Event Center here to a buyer who wants to build a farm animal sanctuary. Having the flexibility to do a variety of things and having high-speed internet and cell phone service a great computer and phone–all help me to stay connected to my support systems.

    How can I better use that support

    • Make google docs for people who are helping me, or use some other project management system so we can be on the same page and moving forward on selling the Event Center.
    • Get more clear in all my agreements.
    • My computer has some problems–get some help
    • learn how to do things like graphics and such so I don’t have to pay others


    I am doing pretty well for the moment. Since I don’t have to work at a regular job, I have time to look for a co-founder

    How can I better use that support

    • Make a budget
    • Be more frugal
    • Learn how to eat even less
    • Make a plan of things I could sell if I had to do so.


    I am doing a longer meditation by myself first thing in the morning and then do a daily reflection and spiritual practices with my friend Kim every night.

    I do holistic breaks at least 5 times a day, usually on Facebook live. These are helping me stay centered and focused.

    When I talk on the phone with my son and my friends, we pray together encourage each other on our spiritual journey.

    By “seeking first the kingdom of God” I am noticing that I am so much more in tune and have more energy to move forward instead of eat.

    How can I better use that support

    • Be even more intentional and creative with the Holistic Breaks. Incorporate my goal into them every time.
    • Be even more focused on coaching each other and being accountable with Kim on our nightly call. Always put on my prayer list with her–find the co-founder.
    • Always put out my need for a co-founder when praying with people, like my son.
    • Start praying with my daughter, and also Cliff.





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