Day 3 Of Soul In Wonder “Getting out of my own way” challenge

I continue to blog about my journey with Christopher August and Sara Oakley, holistic coaches, as they guide us in this 7-day challenge to help us to clear away the blocks that keep us from achieving our goals. You can get involved by going to the Facebook page. 

This was a great exercise. It was very helpful to me. I am going to take the memories that came up into my healing sessions with Jesus, my friend and guide, where he helps me to resolve past issues in very loving and powerful ways. I feel grateful to Lori Weiss, who is a member of our group, for creating this exercise.

My goal is: I am joyously finding the ideal compatible person who is passionate about co-founding the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage with me.

Hey, if you want to explore whether or not you qualify, check out this link: 

Vegan Utopia Ecovillage is the new working name.

“I scare myself by imagining…”

  1. No one will ever join me in co-creating this Vegan Utopia Ecovillage.
  2. I will have to go back to work and won’t have time to dedicate to finishing the EcoVillage and working with someone even if he or she does come.
  3. The person who comes will be a disappointment even though I put him or through a thorough screening process
  4. I’m not good enough to attract a compatible person who has the time, talents and energy to devote to building Vegan Utopia Ecovillage
  5. I need to focus on selling the Event Center and thus won’t have time to work on finding a compatible co-founder.

What is the fear that causes each of these thoughts?

  1. I haven’t been able to find a suitable co-founder for community yet so I never will.
  2. Things like this take so long–finding the right person. Time is running out. Money is running out.
  3. I have been disappointed by people so many times. Maybe there is not one compatible person in the world who meets all the qualifications I need.
  4. Maybe I think I am better than who I think I am.
  5. There is so much to do! I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and afraid I will burn out, even though I right now have a ton of positive energy.

What is the belief that powers each fear? Where does it come from? When was it formed?

  1. Ideal community building partners are impossible to find. Comes from experience! Formed over the past 42 years of seeking!
  2. I will run out of money because for most of my life I have been broke. Formed at a young age when my parents were always saying they didn’t have enough money for certain things. They were not entrepreneurs and thus they needed to be on a budget.
  3. People are not trustworthy. Comes from hundreds of people letting me down in various ways–basically not willing to resolve conflicts and face their shadows. I have also let people down in the past. Maybe I deserve this because it is my karma.
  4. When I was in an intensive 5-day personal growth seminar when I was 28, we were asked to share our most vulnerable secret. I said that I felt as if I was better than other people, and I wished that I could be a guru of sorts. The facilitator, who I trusted, asked the group, “Who thinks she is better than you? Would you want to follow her?” Everyone proceeded to put me down. This was devastating. (I have done healing work around this, but I see maybe I need some more!)
  5. I will not take adequate care of myself. In the past, I have poured myself into projects and then didn’t take care of myself, and then when the project didn’t pan out, I was devastated. In fact, I am remembering a specific time right now, and I see I need to do some major healing work around that because it was related to finding people to buy property with a deadline.

Now, transmute these limiting beliefs into new, empowering beliefs:

  1. Because I now have a clear vision, resources, and a spiritual path that really nourishes me, I am ready to draw the perfect compatible co-founder for Vegan Utopia Ecovillage.
  2. I have more resources and support than I ever have had before, and ability to live very simply, so I have a really good chance of manifesting abundance for the project
  3. I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I believe that our Creator forgives us when we sincerely regret our mistakes and are heading on a new path.
  4. I am finding an increasing number of trustworthy people, especially in the vegan movement. I am capable of creating a good screening process and have the ability to discern whether or not someone is trustworthy.
  5. I am continuing to cultivate the attitude that we are all equally valuable, and as a servant leader I am equal to all with whom I work, and I bring out the best in them as they bring out the best in me.
  6. I have built up some really good habits of self-care, and I know I can continue with those habits since now I have an accountability partner.

Now, transmute these limiting beliefs into new, empowering beliefs:

I excite myself by imagining: 

  1. The perfect compatible person is even now being drawn effortless through miraculous ways to live here and co-found the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage with me.
  2. Abundance is coming at me from all sides because I am both being frugal, living in alignment with my values, and doing fun work to clear my blocks to prosperity.
  3. I am doing those things which help me to completely forgive myself for past mistakes and thus I feel more energized and open to receive.
  4. I have created a wonderful screening process that minimizes anyone getting far along the path who are not trustworthy, and I am meeting many wonderful people through reaching out for a co-founder.
  5. I am joyful about the way I relate to everyone as equals–no one is better, no one less than–but I just see the best in everyone! Everyone’s contributions are valuable.
  6. I am eating totally raw, exercising in fun ways that keep me fit, and having fun doing all kinds of things so I can have optimal health.



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