Tuesday: Reflections On The Challenge from Soul in Wonder: Vegan Warriors

A week-long challenge is taking place at this Facebook group, Soul In Wonder: Soul Warriors. Already I have felt inspired to develop a doable goal that I can feel passionate about:

I am joyously developing a description of the ideal compatible person who can help me co-found Vegan Ecovillage and finding that person by March 20, 2018. (First day of Spring)

You can still get in on the challenge!  Or if you want to go through this on your own at some point. I have a reassurance that they will leave the videos up. But if you can go through this real time, I highly recommend it.

It is so much fun to go through with the group and get to know each other and encourage each other! There is power in numbers, right?

I wanted to share a smoothie recipe that people might want to use to give them super duper energy to go through this challenge. I have been following this recipe for months now and it is by far the best smoothie I have made in my decade or so of green smoothie making. Thanks, Josh Meckel, for figuring this out!

During this challenge, I am making a commitment to eat all raw and mostly liquids. I love blending fresh squeezed orange juice with soaked almonds and moringa or other protein powder.

Drinking my Chaga hot chocolate is keeping me going till at least noon. I heard that celery juice in the morning is good, too. I might try that. Christopher has shared these nutrition tips in the group.

I’m going to start making fruit salad again. It is simple: a variety of fruits cut up,  ground up almonds, sesame, sunflower, and flax seed. Soaked raisins to give some liquid to the ground up seeds. You can grate a bit of lemon for zesty flavor. Yummy! I learned this from my former husband, and present community supporter–Cliff Mikkelson.

I fell in love with Cliff and this fruit salad when I first met him 42 years ago! We ate it daily for fifteen years.  I am happy to say that we are very close friends after all that we have been through, and we are the only vegan, interspiritual people in our neck of the woods that we know of.

I did a spiritual practice session this morning that lasted an hour and 20 minutes. I seriously could not believe how the time flew by! But I truly believe that the time I invested is going to pay off. Doing spiritual work to help achieve goals and clear away the blocks is so helpful. You can find the spiritual practices on this page: https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual-Practices-For-Peace-1489302337835342/

The spiritual practices can apply to anyone who believes in a higher power.

I found that I needed to refine my goal to make it more doable. I went from “Creating a Vegan Ecovillage” to “Find one compatible person to help me co-found the Vegan Ecovillage.”

I narrowed it down to one phrase that I could meditate on throughout the day: One compatible person.

At first, I thought compatible was a rather boring word, but really–it says it all. I need someone who is in alignment with my beliefs, values, and goals. And this person can get to know me in so many ways, especially watching the videos where I do daily spiritual practices because I am so vulnerable.

I don’t want to change myself. I don’t want to change anyone to fit my needs! I just am believing that person is out there. Of course we will do shadow work to help each other continually grow–but just the willingness to do that work is a huge quality that I will need in a person.

For a while, I was wanting to draw 4 people, but just one would make such a difference! Once there is one, we can start drawing more.

I am eager to get this Vegan Ecovillage off the ground.   I believe that if I can find one person who wants to pour their energy into both getting our relationship rooted in trust and to do things like get some abundant permaculture gardens manifesting, the Vegan Ecovillage will take off quickly.

I have a screening process that is very thorough. If a person has good references that demonstrate his or her trustworthiness so I can have the reassurance that this person is in integrity plus they show themselves to be compatible in every way, that person can move here.


More about the process:

We were given a simple but profound worksheet that I filled out and then shared during the evening spiritual practice time that I do with my dear friend, Kim Broniman. She is taking the challenge, also, and she shared her answers. We felt happy to share and perceive that we were celebrated by each other. We are already seeing the benefits of having a buddy!

I had really been resistant to narrowing down my values to only eight. I had written down the values that I want people who are interested in Vegan Ecovillage to share. “Why do I need to do more of this work?” I asked myself. “I’ve been working on values work since I was 28.” (I’m 63)

But being the obedient student that I am,  (following my value of integrity) I followed the instructions and found that I loved narrowing down my values. I discovered that by having only 8, I could really focus on them.

I can write pages and pages describing the values and what that specifically looks like for me. I did use a lot of the words in the list that was provided so that I could get an idea of what my values were because I loved those words!  You can see what I did here. 

I feel happy when I  see more comments on the thread attached to the video that we watched live with Sara and Christopher last night. I have shared a few more comments and am responding to comments made. I just love conversations like this, getting to know people better, and supporting people.

Finding the Soul in Wonder: Vegan Warriors is one of the best things that has happened to me since I became a vegan!

I’m thinking about turning my goal into a “SMART” goal. I just found this link that is really helpful. I know that this challenge is not about stating the goal perfectly, but rather to discover what our blocks are to achieving the goal.

But I am in the mood to refine this goal and so I am going to review this process. I’m also going to complete a blog post about my friend Kim Broniman. I have realized that I really want someone like her to join me as a co-founder.

Her life circumstances do not allow her to move here, yet she has helped me realize the qualities of the person I am wanting to draw to work with me on this project.

Okay, I just reviewed the goals article and I have refined my goal once again. I put it at the top of the article.

Thanks for reading this! I would love to hear your comments and hear about how you are doing on this challenge or any other insights you have.



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