“Get Out of My Way Challenge” with Vegan Warriors: Part 1

I am participating in a seven-day challenge with holistic coaches Sara Oakley and Christopher August in their wonderful FB group called Soul In Wonder Vegan Warrior Community.  I highly recommend that you join this group and get in on this challenge! We just started, so there is still time.

I decided to share the exercise I did on a blog post so you can get to know me better and see what this group is up to.

First, I did an exercise so I could discern my core values. Here they are: Community, adventure, servant leadership, team building, compassion, spirituality/self-actualization, integrity, and health

My goal I want to accomplish is:

To find at least 1 person who shares my values, has complementary skills and is passionate about working with me to co-found the Vegan Ecovillage.

What is important to me about achieving this goal is that in order to progress faster on this project, and for it to be more fun and efficient, I need someone to work with.

The way this aligns with my core values is:

Community: Having at least one other person to work with me will give a sense of community and how the flow of working together, doing spiritual practices, food preparation can happen.

Adventure: After going through a thorough screening process to make sure we are compatible, it will be an adventure to live with a new person (or persons) and learn to work together and get to know each other.

Servant Leadership: Since I have established the vision, beliefs and values of the community, whoever comes will need to be in alignment with these things, and I can use my leadership skills to discern what talents this person help them to use them to the maximum. As I get to know this person, I can delegate more and more.

Team building: Because I absolutely love working as a team, I will thrive as we encourage each other and cheer each other on in achieving the goals that we discern are the priorities.

Compassion: I will be able to use my skills of empathic listening, patience, encouragement to help this person feel safe.

 Spirituality/self-actualization: We will do spiritual practices together and connect on a deeper level as we meditate, pray, reflect, do laughter yoga and so much more.

Integrity: We will start things out right by having a communications agreement that really spells out how to be authentic, transparent, and honest. We get to practice integrity by daily asking (after we appreciate each other) “Are there any incompletions. We will do our utmost to discuss any conflicts in ways that uplift and help us to see our shadows in a gentle way.

Health: We will together make super healthy food, juices, smoothies, and elixirs. We will work outside as part of our exercise routine, getting fantastic gardens planted since spring is coming up. We will be supportive of doing things for every aspect of health: body, mind, and soul.

This goal does not clash with any of my values.

This goal is important to me. On a scale of 1-10, I would say 10. The reason is because as long as I am alone trying to create a community–there is no community! And there is SO much to do! Especially with gardening season coming up. One more person could really make a difference in helping to promote this Vegan Ecovillage.

We also need to sell the Event Center to raise funds to complete the community center at the Vegan Ecovillage site and so much more!





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