Jesus Vegans Think Tank

The definition of a think tank is:

A group of experts brought together, usually by a government, to develop ideas o a particular subject and to make suggestions for action.

One of our main projects will be to serve as a think tank for the vegan movement. One of my strengths is idea generating and networking. Because I am a voracious reader, curious, a fast typist, and a prolific networker, I have the ability to see the big picture.

I see a need for unity in the vegan movement, and I am glad to see that organizations like Direct Action Everywhere are working towards that goal.

The Jesus Vegans Think Tank will do things like:

  1. Research all that is going on in the vegan movement so that it can be effective
  2. Identify the key leaders in the various areas, and make connections with them
  3. Offer recommendations and connections so that more synergy can happen among these leaders
  4. Support groups that are helping vegans become more empowered in every way.

I am happy to be a one-person Think Tank (is that possible?) right now because I am supporting Sarah Oakley and Christopher August in their endeavors with Soul in Wonder to help vegans become healthy in body, mind, and soul.

I am also supporting the Northwest Arkansas and Ozarks animal rights movement to be empowered including co-founding the Animal Lovers of the Ozarks. and supporting the local Anonymous for the Voiceless group.

Here are some other projects I am working on so that even though Jesus Vegans Ecovillage is still forming, I can feel as if I am accomplishing something outside my own projects. I always experience a deep sense of satisfaction when I work with others to help them achieve their goals which align with my goals as well.



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