Celebrating The Work of Soul In Wonder and Vegan Warriors: Christopher August and Sara Oakley


Christopher August and Sara Oakley are doing a great job of helping vegans to fulfill their highest potential so we can all create together the vegan utopia we dream of.

I am so excited and encouraged because of the connection I have made with Sara Oakley and Christopher August, founders of Soul In Wonder. I resonate so much with their vision of helping people to become “Vegan Warriors” so we can work together to create a vegan utopia.

Here is their definition of  a Vegan Warrior:  “One who nurtures the interconnectedness of all life and routinely trains in the mastery of both the inner and outer dimensions of the self with the goal of operating from a state of clarity, harmony, and balance, so he or she can lead a heart-centered life while in pursuit of creating a more compassionate world.”

I have been opening up to more possibilities of healing by joining some interesting Facebook pages, including one called Women’s Shamanic View of Mental Illness.  I glanced at the group one day and saw a post recommending the Facebook group, Soul in Wonder, Vegan Warriors Community.

I am pretty sure that God was really guiding me to their group so I could connect with Sara and Christopher.

I felt immediately drawn to visit the group, and I discovered that Chris and Sara’s holistic approach was just what I needed at this time of where I am leaving the Christian world. I now consider Jesus to be my friend and guide, rather than lord and savior. Although I feel a great deal of relief, I am still needing support in my faith shift.

I sensed that my path with Jesus would be accepted and encouraged. I felt hopeful that the support I needed to go to my next step would be found.

Finding people who want to join in building the Jesus Vegans Ecovillage has been my highest priority in recent months, and I had hopes that I might find some help in achieving that goal.   I thought I might be able to contribute some helpful things from my experience and make some new friends.

After being part of the group for only a week, I am happy to say that my dreams were all fulfilled!

I have found kindred spirits with whom to share this vegan spiritual journey.  In the group, I shared the highlights of my journey to growth which you can read here. I felt inspired as the words flew from my fingers. I posted with eager anticipation.

I was also afraid. So many times I have shared my heart and have been rejected.  If I was rejected, that would mean it would be hard for us to connect deeply.  “Are these people authentic,” I wondered? “Are they walking their talk?”

A few hours later I noticed my post was live, with Sara and Christopher thanking me for joining the group and honoring the story that I shared.  I felt overjoyed and relieved!

I have yet to find people who have so much energy and commitment to really nurture the people in a Facebook group.  I believe I will meet people in this group with whom I can collaborate with.

I certainly enjoy the positive and encouraging climate with all the people who are sharing as we give and receive affirmation and validation for where we are at on our vegan journey.

When I looked at the Soul In Wonder website,  I quickly signed up for their Vegan Warrior Training Manual. I was delighted to see that this amazing, energetic couple worked provided a great exercise to help people define their core values.

Living a life based on values (rather than doctrinal beliefs or positive thinking) is something that I have been working on since I discovered the importance of defining and living in congruence with my values when I took a cassette tape course called Insight on Time Management by Charles Hobbs when I was 26. (Yes, that was a time when we used cassettes!)

Spending three weeks going through this course while I was doing a detox and raw food diet at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Lemon Grove totally changed my life.

Another key thing we had in common was that our lives were changed forever when we lived in third world countries.  I traveled alone at age 19 to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries in that region for 13 months.  I knew I could never go back to my materialistic lifestyle after seeing so much suffering and poverty. Christopher and Sara met when they were in the PeaceCorps in Africa, and they had a similar experience.

Knowing that they are not caught up in the “matrix” is reassuring to me and gives me even more confidence that we are on the same page. More and more vegans are realizing how corrupt governments and corporations are. One more good thing about the vegan movement!

One of their favorite parts of their 9 step coaching program is doing shadow work which is something I have been interested in for decades.

I love their holistic approach, including, of course, their passion for veganism. Emotional health is also a very important component of their coaching program. When I first read the words penned by Cliff Durfee, “feelings are not good or bad, but what you do with them is the most important thing, my journey of becoming comfortable with my feelings began and this impacted my life for the good.

I signed up for a 90-minute “clarification call” in order to receive some free coaching and explore possibilities of working one on one with Sarah and Christopher. I found that in this brief time of connecting with Sarah, I was able to access some blockages and re-connect with a vision I had 46 years ago of developing a musical production. She helped me see that I really need to prioritize dealing with my poverty consciousness and facilitated a process that supported me in getting more energized about my vision for Jesus Vegans Ecovillage.

My motivation to be more productive and focused on achieving my goals has remained high since our session.

I really want to take the 3-month total immersion coaching course with them, and I will be doing my best to manifest the finances needed to pay for this amazing opportunity for growth and support.

To find people who have harnessed what I perceive to be the cutting edge of all the things that I have been focusing on for decades is such a gift. Having been immersed in the Christian world, I chose to leave behind the focus on such things. So now I am getting up to speed!

This excellent blog post sums up their core teachings. This is so worth the time to read.

Their podcasts are so informative. I have listened to four so far, and I am blown away by how the leaders they interview are using their talents in such beautiful ways.

I was especially inspired by the work of Nelson Campbell in this podcast. Son of T. Colin Campbell, who is known for his groundbreaking work about the health benefits of a plant-based diet in the China Study.  Nelson is working hard to help mainstream folks be part of the vegan movement. Since that is one of the projects I want the Jesus Vegans Think Tank to work on,  this is such a great resource.

The Soul in Wonder website is chock full of tools and inspiration, and look forwarding to reading every blog post and listening to every podcast. I am glad to have this rich resource to draw upon.

I loved the Vegan Warrior mantras I found on this page. 

What gives me the most hope about this dynamic duo is that they are living their values and they have an immense amount of passion and energy to pour into their project. They are young, vibrant and they relate to people in such an effective way.

Their expression of loving, encouraging energy combined with the knowledge they have acquired in multiple, complementary areas such as coaching, health, values, and shadow work, are already helping the vegan movement make a quantum leap into being the most powerful force for good on the planet.

We need to support these ambitious, creative, savvy and compassionate entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to see our shared vision of a vegan utopia manifest.

I am praying that their work will expand quickly and that many vegans will be empowered to clear away the blocks that keep them from using the beautiful gifts that they have to share.  I am predicting that they will help many vegans become healthy leaders who are super effective in every aspect of the vegan movement.

We who are vegans all need to grow and realize our highest potential so that we can be the change we want to see happen in our world. I am so grateful that Sara and Christopher are helping many become vegan warriors who are effective on every level.

I hope that you will take the time to check out their website and join the FB group. Let me know in the comments below what you think!





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