Discovering Your God Given Purpose

This article by Focus on the Family about life purpose was excellent. I highly recommend it.


For most of my 62 years,  I have had a high level of dissatisfaction because I had to earn money doing jobs that were unrelated to my passion: creating community.

I also got side tracked and distracted working on a lot of projects that were designed to save the world, but did not work on my main passion: community.

I think I didn’t believe my dream could come true.

When I received financial support last October and was able to work full time on this project,  I finally able to everyday focus on my passion. But for the first 8 months, I still did not focus as much as I needed to on building community structure and promoting community.

I really needed to completely focus on creating a strong foundation on which community could be built before I embarked on other projects.

In mid-June of this year, (six weeks ago from the time of this writing) I experienced a 3 week long dark night of the soul when God showed me something.

I HAD to start focusing on this life long dream of building community or I was going to keep suffering! 

Even at my age, I was still running away from my purpose!

I don’t want to completely put myself down. I have been working on community building for 42 years ever since I heard the word “intentional community.” I have lived in, researched and visited numerous communities all over the country. Community: Connect! is a community-building event that I have been working on for about eight years with great success.

These dear animal loving friends attended a Community: Connect! that I facilitated at the Animal Rights Center in Berkeley. We had so much fun and as heart-to-heart connects.

But when it came to finally taking all the steps necessary to build the community I believed God was calling me to design, I just could not focus on the final steps like refining the values and structure. 

The decision to cancel the Christian Animal Welfare Summit that we were planning in September was excruciatingly painful! This was taking a huge amount of energy. I was terrified that everyone involved would give up on me.

Yet when I told key players in the project why I needed to cancel, they actually applauded my decision!

Trish and Barbara, co-founders of Jesus Vegans Community. Barbara has been a huge encouragement to me. Having someone to believe in you and your ability to accomplish your purpose is essential.

Something we love to see happen in our community is for people to be able to find and fulfill their God-given purpose. We are seeing this happen with the young adults who are working for us: Tas, Chase and Chris. Tas and Chase gave us a wonderful endorsement in this video:

We have a work exchange program where people who qualify can come and be encouraged to use their talents and refine your search for your life’s purpose. You can check it out here:

Having spiritual guidance on your path is essential. Greg Boyd has been greatly instrumental in helping me on my Jesus walk. I’ve listened to many hours of his online sermons at

I hope and pray you find your life purpose and then live it. As Greg Boyd, one my favorite authors and pastors says,

“If we have the potential to oppress or slay millions, it is because we also have the potential to liberate and love millions.”

In order to bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, we each need to find and then carry out our life’s purpose. Let’s encourage each other to fulfill our God-given potential and alleviate the suffering of animals and all of creation.

That is why I am working with others to build  Jesus Vegans Community. 

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  1. Jesus Christ is alive.


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