Our lives are so rich!


Chase Jones, one of our permaculture specialists, works to build yet another hugelkultur bed.


Aren’t poblano peppers beautiful? Robert loves them, and Trish loves to nurture him by growing the lovely plants.


I love the unexpected pleasure of meeting a kind soul on the road.


These marigolds make me smile! They are the happiest flowers I have ever experienced, planted from seed by Tas and Chase, our wonderful permaculturists.


This hugekultur bed retains water better than any raised bed. I hardly water it at all, whereas I am watering the plants in pots every few days.


One person said that this is the best view in the Ozarks. I’m not sure of that, but I do know that this beautiful Prayer Lake and the surrounding community of Living Springs which we are a part of us is such a blessing. We feel safe because we know all our neighbors and they are wonderful people


Blanca is the daughter of a feral cat that Robert was able to tame. She was an indoor cat for a good part of her life, but now out in the country, she has chosen to be mostly outdoors, and I love to see her jumping over rocks as agile as a mountain goat.


God is such an artist! This is another view from our upstairs deck.


I was in Berkeley visiting my friend and co-founder of Jesus Vegans. I can’t wait til she is able to move out here! I know she will love it, and we will love having her. here as part of our community.


Moringa is a super food that you can buy in powder form. I decided to try growing the plants from seed, and now we have about 25 plants. I put fresh moringa in my smoothies as the greens. The plants are thriving! This may be a community business some day.


I absolutely love working with my son, Chris, who is multi talented​ and fun to work with. I feel grateful to have had him for many months so we can really gain momentum. He will be leaving us soon, and I will miss him. And I want the best for him!

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