OKJA: A Netflix Movie That Is Inspiring People to Be Concerned About Animal Rights

I feel encouraged by the reviews about this amazing movie because it is getting loads of positive attention from reviewers and increasing numbers of people are reporting that they or their friends/family are becoming vegan.

I enjoyed the movie immensely as did my former husband,  our daughter and son-in-law. As a follower of Jesus as well as a person who just does not like profanity in general, I felt uneasy about the abundance of F-words that were sprinkled throughout the film, and we almost did not watch the whole film. But we sensed that we should  we gave Okja a chance. I am so glad we did.

If you are a Christian and a vegan, it could spark some good discussions among your church-going friends that might help them to understand your concern for animals.  That happened after my family watched this amazing production.  Jesus concern for the least of these, the innocent, and the oppressed shines through the theme.

The reviewers speak so eloquently about this movie that I want to share their words with you. I hope these excerpts will inspire you to watch Okja and share this film with your friends. Okja_02-1024x480

While watching the heartfelt Okja, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll definitely rethink that next piece of bacon.” Brian Truitt. Full review at USA Today

The human performers are all brilliant, but the movie belongs to its title character and her digitally conjured, genetically modified ilk. Okja is a miracle of imagination and technique, and “Okja” insists, with abundant mischief and absolute sincerity, that she possesses a soul.” A.O. Scott. Full review at New York Times

“… the film is far more notable for being the best pro-vegetarian film in over a decade.  Jacob Oller. Full review at  Film School Rejects 

“Deftly blending genres, humor, poignancy and drama, Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) begins with the gentlest of premises–the bond between man and animal–and ultimately creates a distinct and layered vision of the world that addresses the animal inside us all.” 86% liked the movie. Full review at Rotten Tomatoes

Okja movie poster

“The ambitious screenplay includes discussions of corporate responsibility, the ethics of meat consumption, the acceptable threshold of animal cruelty, and other matters that you might not expect to see find in a film so simply told and lavishly produced.” Matt Zoller Seitz. Full review at Roger ebert

From the anthropomorphic sentimentality of Babe to the slaughterhouse realities of Shaun Monson’s 2005 documentary Earthlings, Okja combines the holistic man-and-nature themes of a Studio Ghibli animation with the alarming food-industry revelations of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.” Mark Kermode. Full review at The Guardian

“The power of Bong’s film is that it never lets go of Mija’s purity of spirit, holding it up as a lesson many of us (particularly the meat-eaters) could stand to re-learn.”
David Sims. Full review at The Atlantic
“A pot-bellied fable unlike anything else you’ll see this year. Not since Babe has an adorable porker inspired such peculiar joy or unexpected heartache.” John Nugent. Full review at Empire Online
This, at its very centre, is a tale of the purity of friendship found in childhood pets. In a similar vein to last year’s Pete’s Dragon, Okja relies on the conjuring of a CGI creature that blends just enough dog-like traits into its fantastical features as to be utterly irresistible to audiences. The blind loyalty, the effusive affection, a touch of goofy clumsiness; for anyone whose childhood was accompanied by a beloved pup, it’s hard not to feel the sweeping touch of sweet nostalgia here.” Clarisse Loughrey See full review at The Independent

Questions for thought
Did this article inspire you to watch OKJA?
Have you seen it?
What are your thoughts?
Did this influence you to become vegan?



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