Sarah Withrow King of her story

I’m starting a series of stories of how Christian animal advocates came to their revelations of how important it is for us as Christians to treat animals with great care., of which she is co-director, is partnering with Jesus Vegans to produce the Christian Animal Welfare Summit.  She also wrote the fabulous book Vegangelical: How Caring for Animals Can Shape Your Faith. I love her story.

Missio Anima

Creamy Hemp Seed Dressing: Easy, oil-free, and nutritious

When I went to visit my brother in San Francisco back in March 2016, I tasted hemp seed dressing for the first time. Friends of his who were vegan wanted to meet me (vegans like to meet each other when ever they can!) and so this lovely couple and their one year old daughter came over for dinner. Joe and Stacy seemed like old friend from the start. Joe brought the entire meal, and the hemp seed dressing was the tastiest dressing I have ever had.

I have yet to ask him for the recipe, but I am enjoying this one. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how it turns out.

Sociocracy 3.0: Our Governing Structure

Have you ever heard of the tyranny of structurelessness? When I heard that phrase which was the title of an excellent article, something inside me jumped for joy. For so long, people would tell me that my desire for a good structure which could help organize a group was about control. But the fact is, when there is no structure, someone is going to do some controlling the organization. And it will be hard for a person like myself, who loves to get involved with groups, to know how to participate effectively. The lack of structure will also be toxic and demoralizing.

So when I found Sociocracy 3.0 7 months ago when was living temporarily in the Bay Area, I was thrilled! I felt as if I had finally come home. This is the structure we at Jesus Vegans are using and sharing with others.

We have found a way to work together that really aligns with one Jesus highest priorities: love your neighbor as yourself

The Activism of Christ – Part Two

A brilliant, clear article about the real reason why Jesus drove out the money changers. Thanks, Philip!

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Jesus Casts Out The Money Changers
By William Hole
Wikimedia Commons

For those who have not yet read Part One

 The Sellers and Buyers

In various Bible movies the temple marketplace has often been depicted as secular. We often imagine a scene where local people come to buy their groceries, tourists purchase souvenirs and market traders call out “two for the price of one, get them while their hot!” Contrary to popular opinion the temple marketplace was not a secular one. The principle items for sale were animals and birds for sacrifice. That is what “those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple” were trading in and it was those people who were Jesus’ first point of attack.

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