Sociocracy 3.0: Our Governing Structure

Have you ever heard of the tyranny of structurelessness? When I heard that phrase which was the title of an excellent article, something inside me jumped for joy. For so long, people would tell me that my desire for a good structure which could help organize a group was about control. But the fact is, when there is no structure, someone is going to do some controlling the organization. And it will be hard for a person like myself, who loves to get involved with groups, to know how to participate effectively. The lack of structure will also be toxic and demoralizing.

So when I found Sociocracy 3.0 7 months ago when was living temporarily in the Bay Area, I was thrilled! I felt as if I had finally come home. This is the structure we at Jesus Vegans are using and sharing with others.

We have found a way to work together that really aligns with one Jesus highest priorities: love your neighbor as yourself

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