Ode to a Turkey

If only more people could put ourselves in the shoes of animals and have empathy for them…what do you think stops people from doing this? And how can we inspire that empathy to arise?

Shepherding All God's Creatures

A tragedy happened tonight.  There weren’t any reporters on the scene.  The incident did not draw attention from the masses.  In fact, it may have been a tragedy that did not stir the heart of the driver or human witnesses – it may have not invoked any emotion whatsoever.  It likely was not even thought of as a tragedy….yet in so many ways it was.  Perhaps there was some feeling of regret, which was likely followed by all the thoughts that bombard our minds and tell us “it was unavoidable.”

As we drove by, my heart ached as I saw the potential danger, knowing that not even I could stop it if it were about to happen. 

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