The Bible and Animals, Part One

I appreciate when people can go more deeply into the meaning of words. in the scripture to find the Truth that will set us free.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Shepherding All God’s Creatures has a sister page, Animal Christian Concern.  ACC’s work in the United Kingdom began in 1985, founded by May Tripp and Co-founded by Roslyne Smith, one of the partners of Shepherding All God’s Creatures Blog and Prayer Group (see more under “About us, About the Authors”).  You can also purchase Roslyne’s book, Animal Welfare:  Through The Cross, A Collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles here (a link to the book is also on the blog page under “Feature Book”) – all proceeds go to animal sanctuaries and humane research.  The book is a “comprehensive collection of thought-provoking and heart-felt articles, exploring the relationship between Christianity and animal welfare.”  We invite you to learn more about ACC and the book here.

Today’s post brings you Part One of an article from Roslyne’s book.  We hope that you enjoy it and get much from it.  Please…

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1 thought on “The Bible and Animals, Part One

  1. Thank you for re-blogging our post, appreciate you sharing the message with others! God bless.

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