Revolting Against Evil

Important insights about how to deal with evil in this world, including evil done to animals.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

“Far from supposing that things like diseases and deformities were part of a great divine plan or that they glorified God, Jesus revealed God’s will and glorified God by coming against these things! Jesus ministry was not about helping people accept the world as it is—as though it now reflected God’s will. His ministry was about helping people resist the world as it now is—in order to bring about God’s good will.”
~Greg Boyd,, Resisting Evil

Zengardner OneEurope Photo Zengardner OneEurope Photo

As a Christian animal welfarist I believe that a good deal of the reason Christians are resistant to change and are apathetic toward animal suffering has a lot to do with the subject of this and other recent posts on

When we can (not an exhaustive list):

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