Independence Day, Part One

I have reblogged many posts from this wonderful blog. The words Kathy shares are amazing because I feel so in alignment with them. The fact that we both are passionate about animal welfare, and share a similar theology is nothing short of a miracle! I hope you enjoy all these articles. They are priceless.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”
Luke 6:36

Care2 Article Photo Care2 Article Photo

As you read this short article and contemplate what is happening, ask yourself  “what is the Holy Spirit saying?” about this.  Watching the video is optional; I no longer can watch them myself, I’ve seen the footage before and know what it contains.

In pondering America’s Independence Day celebration July 4th, I thought about another kind of Independence Day, the one Jesus gave us.  But, in looking around at the state of the world, and as is depicted in this article, we aren’t yet free from evil influence.  Animals, especially, are not free from tyranny.

Jesus did die to “set the captives free.”  And until He comes back the second time, we are to partner with Him to bring about freedom from autocracy on earth, for…

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