Progress Updates On Our Projects

Tas and Chase, our permaculture and video production consultants from Biodesic Strategies, completed a permaculture design plan for Jesus Vegans Ecovillage. They gave a beautiful presentation at our weekly team meeting, and they are very excited about the possibilities.

We are grateful to finally have a site plan so that we can more effectively move forward on our Ecovillage building, including digging a pond.

The Mir Manor, which is will serve as a dining room, living room, kitchen, and co-working space for interns and woofers at the Ecovillage, now has a floor and the first story walls are going up. Robert and Chris put up a giant tarp to protect the building project. Bryan has been doing most of the work since Chris has been busy helping with strategic planning, and Robert has had other projects to work on.

Chris and I have worked many hours to come up with a strategy, which includes branding, to help move the mission of Jesus Vegans forward. Right now the wording is, “Helping churches develop a culture of creation care.” Using an adapted version of Community: Connect! (which still may be implemented as part of the big picture program), Creation Care Connect has been developed as a way if getting congregants and their friends and neighbors excited about helping the local churches to address the world’s most pressing problems using creation care solutions.

We also learned about our “target market”, the millennial generation, which hates to be called “mellennial” This has helped us to develop our strategy.

Chris and I also worked on getting an organizational framework so that our team and future volunteers can work more effectively together on social media management and contact management. We think we are close to finding the combination of software tools and other tools (like a simple but big hard copy calendar) so we can keep good track of everything.

Chris and I gave a presentation about the strategic plan at our first full team meeting. Everyone was able to attend, including Sky from San Diego.   Everyone is on board and excited.

I have ordered a number of books and resources which will have helped us do research on creation care and give us more ideas.

Barbara has been able to offer feedback on the above two projects, and her insights have been invaluable

Chase made a very extensive study of the most cutting edge video production technology, and put together a report so that Robert can wisely make the purchase. We are excited to move forward on video productions. Today Chris, Tas and Chase went out to do an actual video shoot showing how churches can use permaculture in their landscape design. We hope that by inspiring people to adopt permaculture design principles, we can also help them adopt a plant based diet.

We are working on a Plant Based Health Care plan as a part of and follow up to the Creation Care Connect. We are building our data base of key organizations and people to connect with in order to host a  Creation Care Connect pilot event at a local church that has a college or young adult ministry.

We have been working on the Jesus Vegans projects since early October, 2016, when I returned from the Bay Area. I feel hopeful that we are almost reaching that 80% mark. The idea is that it takes 80% of the energy for a rocket ship to get off the ground, and after that, it is easy for the rocket to fly.  I think we are at about 60%!

All along the way we are doing our best to keep up our social media presence especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We want to build up our base of people who are connecting with us so when we do a crowdfunder, a retreat, or some other event, we can have people who trust us and want to spread the word.

There are so many countless details that go into creating a start up company, and they have not been listed here…but just know that we are working really hard to get Jesus Vegans to a place where we are. Thanks to our team for your hard work and support: Robert, Tas, Chase, Chris, Cliff, Barbara, Sky and Trish (that’s me) for all that you do to help inspire and motivate Chris and I as we finish figuring out the big picture plan with everyone’s amazing input.




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