Sky, Barbara, Jonny and Patricia Connect At Last

What an inspiring, motivating, and loving call that four of us who are very involved in Jesus Vegans Project had yesterday. I feel so grateful to each of these people who mean so much to me.

Jonny, our good friend who visited us and helped with Jesus Vegans project, in December 2016, is now staying with family in Florida.

Sky, who I met in San Diego when I stayed there for a summer three years ago who is as passionate about living in healthy community as I am, and with whom I have been working on various projects ever since I left.

Barbara, my beloved co-creator of this project who is supporting the project on many levels, including supporting me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are best friends and so compatible in every way.

The way that this call transpired is a picture of how we are flowing with the Jesus Vegans Project. Jonny and I have been re-connecting, and we figured out that since Sky is visiting Barbara in the Bay Area, it would be pretty easy for us to set up a call. We figured out that there was only one day that all three of had open which just happened to be the day of the new moon.

I have used new moon energy since before I surrendered my life to Christ, and the fact that the moon influences tides and plants and so much more tells me that this beautiful creation can influence our thoughts and feelings as well. When the new moon is present, it is supposed to be a good time to start projects and initiate new dreams. I loved that the four of us gathered at this time…and we didn’t even plan the timing of it.

I spent about 15 minutes planning and agenda and sent it out for approval. I was pleased to see that other people had their own ideas, and as so often is the case with JVP interactions, we were able to offer our suggestions harmoniously and it seemed like everyone’s needs and requests were met. I was happy to facilitate the meeting in a relaxed manner. I think others were happy that I could let go of my agenda as well! We didn’t have much time in advance to discuss the agenda, and we didn’t want to take much of the precious hour that we had to figure out how to proceed…so the fact that things flowed was very encouraging.

Here are some of thing topics we covered:

We started with a beautiful prayer by Jonny

Jonny introduced himself to Sky, and vice versa. They had never met, but were curious about each other. I loved getting to know them better through their introductions. And they connected through that process immediately.

Barbara shared about a radio show she is getting to moderate, and she asked Jonny if she could interview him for one about permaculture. Of course he said yes!

Patricia gave some updates on Jesus Vegans Project. She surprised even herself by keeping it to about 2 minutes!

Jonny shared his experience while he was at Jesus Vegans Community land, and I felt re-inspired to hear how happy he was to connect with the beautiful land we are so honored to steward.

We each shared a “future prayer” where we envisioned ourselves in the future doing things we wanted to do, speaking as if the reality was happening. I was very touched that each person put themselves in the setting of being involved with the Jesus Vegans Project.

We ended with each of us sharing a brief reflection and gratitude for our time together, then Sky saying a prayer. I sensed deep connection, love, harmony and gratitude among us all.

I feel grateful to Jesus because he just keeps facilitating these powerful, beautiful meetings. Now, our tribe is strengthened through the four of us meeting. The seeds have been sown for even more love to grow and flourish.





How Community Building is Connecting Me with Old Friends. 

I love how our project is giving me the opportunity to reconnect with Taina, who is helping us with various essential duties including helping me learn how to put pictures on WordPress, social media, Apple device tutoring, editing, and SEO development.

What are the chances that she would live next door, so I can run over there and ask her quick questions!?  I met her ten years ago when we had our first and last event on our land–a sustainable living conference.

The reasons why that was the last event in the past decade would take a book to write! The story of the evolution of Taina’s and my friendship would take a book to detail as well. So I hope the words I have written will suffice, and some day the story will be told. It is a beautiful one.