Relax…And Say The Jesus Apprentice Prayer

I have been a bit stressed out lately because I want Jesus Vegans Community to be a reality where people are living together and working on all of our dreams. I long for even the simple things like sharing chores and meals. Right now, my main job is coordinating the various efforts and making sure that Robert has his needs taken care of so he can continue to pour his energy into supervising the building of the physical infrastructure of Jesus Vegans Community. I feel grateful for the many ways that we are moving forward as people become more interested and engaged in our endeavors. Yet still, I have struggled with feelings of discontent.

I realize that worry and stress are a message that I need to do something different. Yes, having the wonderful aspects of community that I long for will help me with my joy, but since the reality is that my dream continues to be delayed, my question has been “how can I be at peace now?”  I think the answer may have come to me in the form of this prayer. I hope it is helpful to you. I have a feeling this may be a daily group prayer that we say as a community in our morning devotions.

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