A Book That Could Be A Powerful Guide for Our Spiritual Life In Community

I just read a few sample chapters of Your Best Life in Jesus Easy Yoke  and I feel very inspired. I have ready a number of books on spiritual formation, been inspired at first, and I have not stayed with them.

What I love about the potential of this book is that it focuses on having a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus who loves each of us so much. The practical, time-tested spiritual practices and tools are described clearly. The book can be a study guide for encouraging a group to practice the teachings as well as open up to each other in vulnerability.

I have been seeking a way to overcome my worry, fear, and anxiety moment to moment. We are asked by Jesus to abide in him always. Paul says to pray unceasingly. There are many directives in the Bible that tell us that if we will just connect with Jesus all the time, all will be well. But how to do that? I think this book might hold some powerful keys.

I have long respected Dallas Willard, who mentored and inspired the author of this book, and thus even more credibility has been established. I’ve looked over the website and sense a connection and camaraderie with the couple who oversees the ministry, http://www.Soul Shepherding.org

I just started glancing at the blog…and I am definitely captivated. Here is an excerpt from a blog post I am reading entitled “Jesus, CEO of the World”

“Imagine what our world would be like today if CEO’s, bankers, pastors, politicians, executives, sales directors, attorneys, doctors, police officers, school teachers, and other leaders were “rooted and built up in [Christ]” (Col. 2:7), learning how to do their work as Jesus would do it if he were they. Imagine leaders who are honest, humble, compassionate, hard-working, and fair. Imagine leaders who love their neighbor as themselves.

It starts with you and me happily coming under the authority of Christ! “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). Jesus’ prayer is meant to be answered — not only in a far off age and place, but today. Little by little, through Christ are being “transformed with ever-increasing glory” (2 Cor. 3:18).”

I hope you will check this out and see how you feel about this book and website. I would love to hear your feedback.

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