A Letter of Appreciation to Two New Workers Who Helped Cliff and I Build a Hugelkultur Bed in One Afternoon!

Dear Chase, Taz, and Barbara

I want to introduce you to each other. Barbara and I are partners in creating the Jesus Vegans Community. Robert is the superintendent in charge of physical infrastructure, and Barbara and I are the brains behind the operation:) Robert is not a full member since he is not vegan (although he practically is). We are in the process of defining who is a full member and what that means.

In the mean time, we are thrilled to find people like you and Taz (please feel free to forward this to him, and get him in the loop) who are in alignment with so many of our values, and who are able to work for us and partner with us in moving forward with our goals.

I was very inspired by you and Taz’s work yesterday where you both, Cliff and I flowed so beautifully in completing almost a whole hugel kultur bed. It probably could have been complete if we hadn’t had the delay of picking up and delivering the mattress for Josh and Mahriyanna. Thanks for that help!

Here are some things I noticed about you and Taz that lead me to believe that we can all work together well:

1. Chase, you were a great communicator as we made plans. You responded quickly to my emails. You expressed enthusiasm and positivity.

2. You were both willing to be flexible with changing gears so we could do the important task of delivering the mattress. Originally I was going to go up with you, but because I had to go to the doctor, you were willing to drive and also go with the flow.

3. You were on time and able to stay until the time we agreed upon.

4. You express gratitude and acknowledgement. You sincerely like our project.

5. You worked hard and focused so that the project could get to a point of completion and we could even plant jerusalem artichokes.

6. You both know about permaculture and hugel kultur and demonstrated your expertise as you worked on the project.

7. Cliff enjoyed working with you and so did I.

8. You are both comfortable with being photographed and video taped. You are articulate and able to get your points across easily with minimum of words.

9. Taj, your explanation of hugel kultur was great and i loved the way you could just explain it right on the spot.

10. I felt happy because I sensed you both were sincerely listening to my stories of the history of the community and why Jesus was part of the story. I enjoyed hearing your stories of your spiritual life-again, succinct and well spoken. (Can you tell that I really appreciate succinctness:)

11. You both are connected to a larger network of people so that we can get more people involved in the project, both paid and volunteer workers.

12. You value intergenerational cooperation.

13. You are willing to accept wages that are not equal to your value, but are grateful to get paid for doing something you love to do.

14. We have the potential for partnering so that we can have classes on the community land in order to both make money for all of us and get structures built for free. Now that is a win win!

15. Chase, you know about video production and can help me learn more about how to get things on Youtube and make a promotional video. I have been looking for someone like you for a long time!

16.  With you being part of the younger generation, you will help us attract more people your age. We all really like working with young people. Our children are young adults. Chris (Cliff is his father) is 27 and Mahriyanna (Robert is her father) is 20. They also will enjoy working with you at some point I am sure.

17.  I deeply appreciate that your emphasis is on love. Since Jesus’s teachings are all about love, we are definitely on the same page!

18. I feel overjoyed that you all want to document this project and promote it as one of the things you are working on. This serves as a win-win for all of us. I look forward to planning the next project on Thursday as a really well-planned out instructional video for how to build a hugel kultur bed. We will do our best to get even more materials together so it can go faster. Jonno our traveling permaculture designer and all-around-amazing person will be there as well.

19. I am glad that you all are passionate about intentional community. We will have different levels of how people can live and associate with us, and we are in the process of working this out. I look forward to exploring the possibilities of how we can really support each other, including being able to live on the site part time or full time.
I feel so hopeful about working with you all. I have very good feelings about our association. I have not seen any red flags (and believe me, having worked with as many people as I have worked with in my many years of living, I notice them!)  I am putting this on our blog, and feel free to share this as a recommendation for your fine work. http://www.jesusvegans.wordpress.com

And please add a bio to the reply section so that people can get to know you better.


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