Preachers and teachers who I want our JVC Think Tank to inspire to become vegans

One of the things we, as a think tank at JVC, want to do is to inspire leaders who really share our values to become vegan. They would be naturals because they are so compassionate and wise. Your ideas on how to inspire them are welcome. Let’s brainstorm! Who do you have knowledge of and connection with that we can help you reach out to? Here is my, Patricia’s, list.

Bruxy Cavey, one of my favorite pastors and teachers, has a great teaching on simple living in a spiritual sense.

Find more teachings here:

I have had communication with Bruxy and I really like this guy as a person as well as a preacher. I have encouraged him to become a vegan. He is slightly receptive, so pray for him!

Greg Boyd who is a teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church is a vegetarian. He is also a friend and mentor of Bruxy. He is also a prolific writer promoting the nonviolent teachings of Jesus, as does Bruxy. In this video Greg shares the inspiring story of how he went from becoming a war-supporting evangelical Christian to one who teaches about Jesus as being non-violent and enemy loving. He had the courage to preach this in his mega church and they lost 1300 members. His words about living the teachings of Jesus in community are really inspiring.

Shane Claiborne is connected to these guys also. I met him when I visited the Simple Way in Philadephia and he is a very kind, loving person. If he became a vegan–that would be AMAZING!


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