Tent Living Ideas

So far it looks like the best possibility for Robert and I too move to JVC is to live in tents. The platforms are close to being done. We have the tents. We are not looking into how to organize the tents, especially in terms of kitchen space for one of them. I imagine that my tent home will be a common space with kitchen and dining room, and even co-working space. I will have a minimal amount of my personal belongings stashed somewhere, and a folding cot can be my bed. So I am researching how to get organized for tent living. here are some links:

Here is a video about a great camp kitchen for people who want a very simple kitchen.

I am thinking about a bigger kitchen for community food preparation. This may be helpful for ideas. This could be another little business endeavor, too.

Here are ideas for tiny houses and small spaces that might be inspiring for the tent.



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