Updates! Nov. 12, 2016

Well, the past month has been like a blur. With funding from a generous donor, we have been able to move forward in a way that really seemed impossible. Here is just a brief summary of what has been happening:

We continue to learn profound lessons as we trust in God, who gives us our intuition,and as Robert, Bei and I learn to work together ever more harmoniously. Sky from San Diego, is supporting us in the project and possibly may join the community. Sky and I have been talking about living in community for a few years and I am so glad we now have the opportunity to work on a tangible community together.

As I describe all that has been accomplished, I feel so grateful to God and to all who have helped make this possible. I also recall how intense this has been with ups and downs of moods, and more details that seem humanly possible to manage. If Robert and I did not have the skills we have, this job would be impossible. Without God’s help giving us promptings through our intuition, we also would never be where we are at.

Robert, my former husband, has all the skills needed to supervise a building project like the one we are undertaking. He has been a supervisor for huge projects in California in his former life decades ago. The skills he developed including learning how to run a back hoe, overseeing tradesmen, and learning all trades skills–are so invaluable. He loves the work, and is thriving!

Bryan Leffert is an old friend and a skilled carpenter among many talents. We can delegate work to him and trust it will be done. Robert finds him to be a very stablizing influence and funny, too.

Cliff cleared out our garden space which really has been neglected. we now can put down cardboard and great humus that we are finding on the property. Instead of burning our rotting wood, we are making it into a hugel garden.

We have a rollaway trash container for all the trash. This is so satisfying. And remember, getting anything out in the sticks where we are is not easy. Robert keeps keeps facilitating the job.

We are thrilled that we get cell phone service on many parts of the land. We will have high powered internet as soon as we get an office space built–we are not sure where yet, but it will be an important aspect of our project.

We have purchased recycled plastic tanks for the future aquaponics project. we ewont’ be eating fish but using their excrement for fertilizer. We don’t want to exploit the fish–more on that later

We rented a backhoe for various projects and it’s name is Big Bertha. She is a great helper along with Robert, her driver.

Clean up was a big priority. Yes, there were some sad things that happened to our land that Robert and I take full responsibility for–and that is a story in itself. But the clean up has been a process of inner and outer cleansing and healing.

We are building two decks, eventually 5, for these wonderful 16 diameter round tents which will serve as homes for people who live here. We may have the first two tents up within the week. Pray for us!

Work is proceeding to renovate what we call the “Peace Potty” which is a composting toilet, tool shed. Our new carpenter, Travis, is going to build an apartment and temporary community kitchen on the foundation.

Clearing an area for our huge metal building, which will serve as a temporary community center with kitchen and dining area and co-working space included in the uses–was one of our biggest tasks. Thanks to tireless work of Cliff, Chris, Eli, James Robert, Big Bertha, Bryan and I, we almost have this done.

Getting delivery of the prefabricated metal building, which we will call Agape House, was one of the first big projects. .Miraculously, Bryan was available to help with unloading and transferring the parts onto the job site.  the parts sit contentedly waiting until the time Robert can supervise the building of the stem wall which is the foundation. Then we look for a crew to put the building up quickly

We had a shipping container delivered so we can finally have a waterproof and secure place to put tools and supplies. Even though it seems like it is a simple task to merely order a shipping container and clear a place for it–it seems like with this andm any other of our actions, it was much more complicated than at first it appeared. But we are finally learning that our timing is not God’s timing! And we are super grateful to have this chore accomplished thanks to Robert’s tireless efforts and Bryan’s help in positioning the container and clearing the space. Chris has been helping with chain saw work as well–his work is invaluable.

We cut as few trees as possible–but our land is covered with trees so we thank them for their wonderful service and presence and as much as possible honor their contribution. I want to do this even more.

there is a wonderful camaraderie with everyone who comes to help. Gary Ciocco, our neighbor and a fantastic mechanic, has helped get our generators up and runningand fixed our truck, and lots of other things that are invaluable. All our workers have been great, except for one who decided to quit. but we are still on good terms with him Yay!

We have bought some solar panels and are slowly moving forward on creating a solar system that can supply all of our power needs.

Jonny is a good friend who I met at the Permaculture Convergence in Northern California. He is coming out for two weeks in late Nov. to help develop a permaculture design for our beautiful land. This is going to help immensely!

Bei Hulley, who is my partner in community building along with Robert, my former husband, is not ready to move out yet but we keep praying the time will come soon. She has been super supportive on every level and she is going to start helping more with community outreach. She helped put this website together when we first started the conception of Jesus Vegans, and we continue to deepen our love for each other as we envision and work on the community work. I can’t wait to write about the transforming power of love that has changed both of our lives in such positive ways.

I think what I love most about this project is that we are building community between Bei, Robert and I as a core team, and then others who help us–even though we are paying them–are like associate members. they are supportive and loving and cooperative and without them the work would not move forward. Relationships we cultivated for years are being deepened. New relationships, such as with Eleyahu–are blossoming. Eleyahu has been indispensible in the clean up process.

In the midst of all this busy-ness, my daughter first got engaged, and now is planning a wedding in early December. Wow! So many good things happening.

I was just going to write something short….and this is short compared to all the things that have happened. Each day holds unexpected challenges and miracles. Our community is going to be an amazingly healing place. We expect that the people who are drawn to come are going to both heal all the stuff that keeps them from living out their fullest potential, and we are going to connect with Jesus in such a way that we can truly say, “With God, nothing is impossible.” We have big goals to help heal the whole world, but we want to do so in a place where we ourselves are walking our talk, and living love to the fullest extent possible.










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