The Community Center: A Yome

At this point the only usable structure on our land is a Yome which is pictured above. Although it is only 300 square feet, there will be minimal furniture and thus room for a circle of about 20 people. There is a wood stove, so it can be heated in the winter. A small outdoor kitchen could be utilized on the deck.

This can also be used for a co-working space. We could have folding tables which serve as temporary desks.

Having a common house where community members can gather is one of the essentials of starting a healthy community.  People could sleep in tents, or vehicles, or other simple structures.

The people who come first will be hardy pioneers who enjoy being outside most of the time. There will be lots to do to help make the land into a permaculture paradise.

But we can also work on the first business that I can see as being profitable–a team organizing business where we go into impossible situations and help people downsize and de-clutter. I also am working on creating an online organizing course so there can be online income.


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