How I Became A Vegan

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My daughter, Mahriyanna, was having a traumatic time where she was living with friends in Oceanside, California. I was living in San Diego. We decided to meet at the Presidio Park mass transit station. When I saw her, I was overjoyed because we had been apart for weeks. “Let’s go to Comicon,” I said. We didn’t have anything we had to do–and why not visit this very famous conference where lots of things would be happening outside and for free.

When we got to the crowded festival, we wandered around and noticed the sign in the picture below. A friendly woman called out, “We’ll pay you a dollar to watch a four minute video.” Having no idea what we were in for, we took the risk.

I was actually happy to see that this was a video promoting animal rights and trying to persuade people to go vegan. The blinders were taken off my vegetarian eyes. I had been a vegetarian for the past 40 years, but I didn’t let myself know how bad the dairy industry was for cows. I realized that dairy cows suffer even more than cows raised for meat consumption.

After watching, a friendly young man asked me what I thought about the video and if I would commit to being a vegan for a certain number of days a week. I said, “I hated it. and I am going to be a vegan for 7 days a week.”

I am glad that these folks were there for me, and I hope that the blog posts that Barbara Hulley and I are sharing will help people make this very important commitment.


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