I am Sensing a Direction for the Ecovillage: Animal Liberation

Because I have a tendency to want to save the whole planet, and thus want to address every problem that exists, I have in my life of 62 years, spread myself too thin. My time in the Bay Area has helped me see how exhausting it is to try to support so many worthy causes.  I am trying out narrowing my scope to the cause of animal liberation.


I will be writing more what this looks like. One model is a vegan permaculture farm and sanctuary which you can learn about here. 

I want to share with you my history of being a vegetarian and why I am coming, in a way, full circle, back to one of the first revelations I ever had which gave me direction in my life.


I was about 17 years old, just starting college. I still watched the television series “Lassie”. One day, when I was watching this show, something within me that was really strong gave me this message:

“People can be really cruel. We don’t kill them and eat them. Animals like cows, pigs, and chickens–don’t hurt anyone. Yet we kill them and eat them. That isn’t fair.”

Of course, we in America, at least, do not eat our pets. Yet Lassie awakened in me the awareness that all animals had consciousness, and that killing them was wrong. They have so much more innocence–especially the ones we kill–than humans.

I immediately became a vegetarian. I was ignorant about many things, but my journey began.


I am exploring possibilities on focusing on this issue because now, 45 years later, the issue of animal liberation is one that an increasing number of people are waking up to. I want to fan the flames of passion that many young people are feeling–as well as people of all backgrounds and ages.

We shall see where this leads. I pray that I will be guided. Thanks for listening to my story.


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