Core Values

As much as I value following Jesus, that is not one of my core values because I do not want to impose that value on someone else. I have met too many people who are not followers of Jesus with whom I have worked to make this a prerequisite. As long as people respect each others spiritual beliefs, that is good enough for me.

Some of these values you may not have heard of. So if you are drawn to the ones you understand, I encourage you to research the ones you don’t. For example, Sociocracy 3.0 contains so many values that I share. If you resonate with those values along with everything else on the list, there is a good chance we will be able to work together well.

Some people are happy to live in a community where people share different values in the interest of diversity. My view is that there is plenty of diversity within people who share the same values. I write more about it in another blog post.



Service to family/community/ the world

Self-care/healthy living




attachment parenting


critical/ creative thinking


sociocracy 3.0

Time banking (see values here)


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